GridLoc '95 Official Results

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Fri Dec 29 16:09:25 EST 1995

Finally,  here are the official results of the first running
of the GridLoc contest.  Text writeup was composed by George
Fremin (WB5VZL) and myself.  Note that there will be a second
running in April and conditions will be better.  There's no way
conditions can be worse!


         The First Annual International
            HF Grid Location Contest

    Over the years the contesting community has had a 
running discussion about how to improve the significance 
of exchanged information during contests.  In July of 1994 
the cq-contest Internet reflector
started a discussion that created an idea of using 
Maidenhead grid squares as multipliers in an HF contest.  
Grid squares have been used for over 10 years in VHF 
contesting with great success but no one had yet tried to 
use grid squares on the HF bands.
    As the current round of the disscusion was dying 
down Robert Barron (KA5WSS) called me to help him 
draw up a rough draft of rules for a new contest.  We sent 
that rough draft of rules off to several contesters and asked 
for their input.  We took their suggestions, decided on a 
date and then announced the contest with a post to the CQ-
CONTEST mail reflector.  We also sent the rules to CQ 
and QST for their contest listings.
    The rules were designed to be simple.  The excange 
would be operator name and grid square. Contacts would 
count 1 point per valid QSO and grids count as multipliers 
once per band.  We assumed that a large number of people 
would not know their grid square so we decided that valid 
contacts would be allowed even if the station did not know 
their grid square.
    The contest was run the 2nd full weekend of April 
1995 - this weekend was chosen because conditions are 
usually pretty good during this time of year.  The first 
running of the contest was a success in that many positive 
comments about the format were received.  However the 
name GridLoc fit the description of band conditions 
suffered by most of the participants.  According to Bud 
(WA2BQI) the band conditions were the worst he had seen 
in any contest for the last 38 years!  Despite the horrible 
conditions a total of 27 logs were received,  although none 
were received from outside of the U.S.
    In spite of the very poor band conditions activity was 
good.  K4XU took the mixed mode category with an 
impressive score that counted almost double the multipliers 
of the second place effort.  N3BB (WB5VZL, op) and 
K6XO fought for second with N3BB taking second based 
on fewer QSOs but a higher grid count.
    The CW only category was a battle between WN3K 
and N4OGW.  The multiplier count was close but WN3K 
managed to make 22 more contacts to pull out a win.  Both 
stations made more than 20 band changes in an effort to 
drum up more contacts and multipliers.  W3GOI took third.
    The phone only category was won by KA5WSS who 
used the brute force method by putting more hours in that 
any other competitor.  K2PS and KI4DC took second and 
third, respectively,  over a large group of stations that 
fought their way to make over 120 QSOs.
    The crew at KK5GJ (+KB5YVT) took top honors in 
the multi-op category while KB0QVP made some of his 
first radio contacts at WD0T on their way to taking second 
    Tom (K5RC) submitted the only official Rover log for 
this year's GridLoc.  He visited 3 grid squares and gave 
some much appreciated multipliers to the other GridLoc 
    Going into the contest many operators (including 
Robert and I) feared that few Amateurs on HF would know 
their grid square.  While it was true that some did not,  
most competitors' logs showed almost 80 percent of their 
contacts included a grid square in the exchange.  A 
surprising number of comments indicated that individuals 
who did not know their grid expressed an interest in 
finding out.  In one case a participant was called by a 
station worked earlier specifially to exchange the grid 
square he had just determined.
    Based on the experiences of the competitors in this 
year's event we decided to make one rule change.  Stations 
may now work one another on every band/mode.  
Multipliers will remain by band only.  
    Plans are already underway to prepare for next year's 
event.  K8HVT wrote, "Perhaps a clever award (like the 
CAL QSOParty) would bring out more activity next year."  
The top stations of GridLoc 1996 will receive T-shirts and 
jar of Texas salsa to celebrate their victories.
    Several operators indicated that GridLoc presented a 
unique contesting experience that was fun to boot.  It can 
only get better with more participation and better 
conditions.  We are sure that 1996 will bring both.  Make 
you plans for the 1996 GridLoc contest we look forward to 
hearing you on the bands. 

    The 1996 contest will be held April 13-14.  


All Q's were made on 20m except a short 10m opening for 
about 18 Q's.  15m was DEAD here!  Good Idea hope it 
will have more support next year! (KB5YVT)  For such 
lousy condx, contest became a domestic affair which 
wasn't all bad.  Was fun seeing how different sections of 
the coutnry came through at certain times, kind of like the 
10 Meter contest. (K2PS)  Good timing having it the same 
day as the County Hunters Contest.  Lots of contest-types 
out there, and not too hard to convince `em to give name 
and grid in exchange for county! (K2PS)  I like the idea of 
this contest...however, zippo activity on CW. (N4OGW)  
The Grid Loc contest has the makings of being a lot of 
fun... I hope the next time the band conditions are better 
and we can get more ops on the air.  (W3GOI)  This was a 
good start.  4 DX contacts, conditions sucked.  (K4XU)  
Most ops seemed to enjoy the contest.  Many liked the 
"easy" exchange.  (KB1GW)  The concept of this contest is 
unique and fun. (K8HVT)  I think everyone had given up by 
the time I got on.  The CW QSO was so weak,  I think we 
completed the QSO on ESP as much as anything else.  
(NG0X)  FUN contest format.  Lets do this format/contest 
again.  (WD0T)  terrible condx... looking forward to next 
years running.  (NA4M)  Grid loco!  Great idea, horrible 
condx, surprised how few knew grid no. (WN3K)  I really 
like the idea of this contest.  The use of grid squares gives 
people like me a somewhat more unique contest location 
and thus more interest on the part of other folks on the 
bands.  (K6ZCL)  I like the concept of grid squares - no 
country hassles. (WA8LLY)  See you next contest.  

GridLoc 1995 Official Results

Call    QSOs Grids  Score Grid  Name  Chgs. Grid %

Single Op Mixed Mode
K4XU    149   111   16539 EM49  Dick   12     94
N3BB    105    65    6825 EM10  George 10     78 (WB5VZL, op)
K6XO/7  115    58    6670 DN40  Alan    6     63
N7LOX    18    15     270 CN87  Brian   3     89
N2KJM    16    15     240 FN20  John    6    100
WA8LLY   13    10     130 CM88  Steve   2     85
K8HVT     8     8      64 FN31  Hal     1    100

Single Op CW Only
WN3K    136    80   10880 FM29  Bob    28     69
N4OGW   114    78    8892 EN50  Tor    23     86
W3GOI    41    32    1312 FM19  John    6     85
N0AT      6     6      36 EN34  Ron     3    100
K3WWP     6     5      30 FN00  John    3    100
WA2BQI    3     3       9 ????  Bud     0    100
WD5N      1     1       1 EM10  Dave    0    100

Single Op Phone Only
KA5WSS  413   154   63602 EM10  Robert  6     72
K2PS    175   120   21000 FM29  Pete    5     98
KI4DC   156    94   14664 EM78  Bo      7     91
NA4M    131    89   11659 EM10  Phil    3    100
KB1GW   137    68    9316 FN31  Glenn   0     60
K1PLX   122    75    9150 FN41  Dennis  6     94
K8OOK     5     5      25 EN73  Michael 1    100
K6ZCL     3     3       9 DM24  Ted     0    100
N1LFN     2     1       2 FN64  Wayne   0    100
N0CXF     1     1       1 ????  Michael 0    100

Multi Op
KK5GJ   290   113   32770 EM20  David   4     74 (+ KB5YVT)
WD0T     94    59    5546 DN94  Todd    8     75 (+ KB0QVP)

K5RC     49    43    2107 N/A   Tom



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