Novice Roundup '95

zf8bs at zf8bs at
Sun Feb 5 21:34:55 EST 1995

>Well I hope that some fellow contest reflector brotheren got on an worked 
>a couple of /N or /T stns during the NR '95. It was alot of fun to hand out
>some points to those folks (even for an extra class!). Hey, I only worked 
>16 stns (14 /T, 2 /N) & 13 mults but I believe that there are some /N or /T
>that will upgrade soon to get in on the "real" thing (not Coke!). A KB0 on the
>packet cluster broke the 500 QSO mark! 

Out here on the west coast, 9 year-old KD6KKP/T got 422 CW QSO's, 69 SSB 
QSO's, a mult of 80, and a total score of 73,040.  From the left coast,
remember.  Some of you may remember Jenny as the ONLY way to get Stanislaus
County during CQP last October.  She's getting much better, quickly.     

                                           Bruce, AA6KX

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