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N0bsh at aol.com N0bsh at aol.com
Sun Feb 12 20:12:54 EST 1995

There's a good chance I will be making a trip out to the Seattle
area sometime in late July or early August.  Can someone provide
the dates for the '95 NW DX Convention (or whatever it's called?)
Might be kinda cool to fit that in if the timing is right and would 
be a good chance to get together with a few of you Pacific NW type

Heard something about Hydro-races, as well......that would be cool!


Mike  N0BSH
n0bsh at aol.com

>From Bill Straw <0007359114 at mcimail.com>  Mon Feb 13 01:21:00 1995
From: Bill Straw <0007359114 at mcimail.com> (Bill Straw)
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 95 20:21 EST
Subject: 80m 4 square array problems
Message-ID: <71950213012117/0007359114PJ2EM at MCIMAIL.COM>


  I have an 80m four square array made of tower sections
elevated on 20 foot bases. The top part of each vertical
is a 15 foot whip. The matching system is by DX Engineering.

  When I woke up on Saturday, the top whip had been blown
off the SE vertical. The whole array sits in a scrub brush
area that traps the snow, so all the lines, control box and
dummy load are buried in 4 feet of snow. I tried to walk
down and get the whip that was in the snow but couldn't.

  It currently is -20F with 25 mph winds out of the North
so I won't be able to fix it before arrl cw.The gain and
f/b seem OK, and the swr isn't too bad ( 1.5:1). The 
dummy load is an mfj kw air cooled. Because of the mismatch,
the dummy load is going to get a lot of the power, but my
question is how much and is running this system going to 
hurt the DX Engineering box in any way????? Remember, I
can't get to the dummy load and attach a wattmeter, cuz it
is very buried. I was thinking of just using a single vert
but the feedlines are all trenched in the ground and under

  Also, greetings to the gang. I have only this week
mastered the technology to get on the reflector. I'm even
thinking of packet someday. CU in the tests.

      73's  Bill Straw  WB0O  Northern North Dakota
                 WB0O at mcimail.com

>From Allan Cameron <acameron at carl.hayden.edu>  Mon Feb 13 10:57:19 1995
From: Allan Cameron <acameron at carl.hayden.edu> (Allan Cameron)
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 1995 03:57:19 -0700 (MST)
Subject: School Roundup
Message-ID: <199502131057.DAA13899 at carl.hayden.edu>

Today (Monday) through Friday you will heard kids participaing in the 
School Roundup contest during the day. (January QST)
Basicly, every school tries to work every ham on Eart; multipliers are 
states, contries, club stations and schools.

This is a big event at our school's radio club.  We will be using a 
student's call, KC7EFP, a ham since summer, but he has upgraded to 
Advanced.  We have 3 other studets with licenses and a dozen more who 
should pass the Tech test by June. 

The big thrill is see the "newbies" working stations.  They get SO 
excited.  If this week is typical, we will light the "contest fever" in a 
couple of them.  Its not often that they (or myself) are on the receiving 
end of a pile-up.  I hope to work a few of you guys this week.  Its a 
chance to help get "some new blood" in ham radio, and in contesting.  
But most of all, its a LOT of fun.  Work a BUNCH of SCHOOLS this week.


Allan, N7UJJ 
Carl Hayden Community High School
Phoenix, AZ

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