AB6FO CW Sprint Score

KWIDELITZ at delphi.com KWIDELITZ at delphi.com
Mon Feb 13 17:48:34 EST 1995


     band      QSOs     points

      80         74         74
      40        118        118
      20         88         88

     TOTAL      280        280   X   44 multipliers  =  12,320

     Team Name: SCCC#1

     By golly, I've got the hang of it. Now if I can just eliminate
     the multi minute holes in the log, I'll get to 300.

     If I can figure out how to snag those mults that must QSY...

     I didn't hear FL!, VA!! or ND. Couldn't grab SC, NE or MN. I
     did  find  KL7. Conditions seemed quite good on  all  bands  
     from here.

     See ya from 6E2T next weekend, along with K6LL, N6AZE, N6KI,
     N6HC and KM6SN. 


>From Jay Townsend" <jayt at comtch.iea.com  Mon Feb 13 23:12:24 1995
From: Jay Townsend" <jayt at comtch.iea.com (Jay Townsend)
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 1995 15:12:24 -0800 (PST)
Subject: ADRS WPX
Message-ID: <m0re9wP-0000qqC at comtch.iea.com>

Finally got the mults put together. Here is the current score:

                1995 ADRS WPX Contest
Callsign: WS7I
Location:  Spokane, Washington
Entry Class: Multi Operator, Multi Transmitter
Operators:  WS7I, WA7EGA, WB7AVD
Band    QSOs       Dupes       Pts      Mults
80       101         3         216
40       250         4         572
20       515        14         799
15       297         5         383
10         0         0           0
        -----      ----       ----       ----
Total   1,163       26       1,970        329
*Prefixes counted only once and not once per band.
Claimed Score: 648,130
80     Bobtail Curtain at 110'
80     Double Extended Zepp
40     2 El. Yagi  at     118'
20     5 El. Yagi  at     100'
20     3 El. Tribander     65'
15     5 El. Yagi  at     115'
10     5 El. Yagi  at     126'
10     6 El. Yagi  at      50'
Power Output: 1500 Watts
Club Participation: Eastern Washington Amateur Radio Group

The contest got off on a poor note with the K index being very high. In
fact we often don't even do a contest if the K is over 5 at the start.
However we fired up. No 15 meters at all when we normally expect a nice
start into Asia and the Pacific.

Pretty good rate on 20 meters but 40 was a big disapointment with no 
europeans the first night at all. Heard S53 on 80 meters about S9 but we
called and called with no luck.

No europeans on 20 Saturday but 15 finally had a few signals. The bands 
stayed very poor until a nice brief european opening on Sunday morning
which let us fill us the multiplier bucket.

Jim, Hal and I enjoyed the fine Salmon BBQ that Hal put together and we
had a good time on this first prefix contest.  Next year is already on
the list of contests to do.

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