Need Antenna Advice

Mon Feb 13 18:44:05 EST 1995

I'm going to Guatemala for ARRL SSB and Juan TG9AJR has asked me to buy a
tribander for him and bring it along.  He's looking at the Cushcraft A3S or
A4S with the 40 meter add-on kit.

The AES catalog says the A3S has 8.0db gain and the A4S has 8.9db gain.  They
both claim 25db front-to-back.  The price difference between the antennas is
$74 (Oklahoma Comm Center).

His question:  Should he get the A3S and save some $ or get the A4S with the
slightly better gain?  Is there a better 10-40 beam within his budget

My question:  With the beam for 10-40, what would be an easy, effective
antenna that I can bring along for 80 & 160 meters.  The tower (not up yet)
will be 50 feet tall (set up field day style high in the mountains).

Reply directly to me.  I can send a summary to anyone interested.

73 Scott KA9FOX
ka9fox at

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