radials for 4-square

JimP911 at aol.com JimP911 at aol.com
Mon Feb 13 21:35:05 EST 1995

There seems to be 2 schools of thought on radial deployment.  One is to
assemble four completely self sufficient verticals with their own radial
systems.  This is what I use in an elevated ground plane configuration with 8
radials per antenna.  The other option is to align radials to directly
intersect with each vertical.  You would have fewer wires to cut this way. 

Can't say for sure which option is superior, have had terrific results with
the setup described.

Good Luck -- 73


>From rmthorne at ix.netcom.com (Richard Thorne)  Tue Feb 14 03:35:22 1995
From: rmthorne at ix.netcom.com (Richard Thorne) (Richard Thorne)
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 1995 19:35:22 -0800
Subject: CT FORUM
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Can anyone give me the address for the ct users group.  I need the 
address for sending my subscribe request to and the address for sending 
mail to.

I will also ask the question here.  I had trouble last year with CT 
during a cqww multi-multi.  Two problems specifically:

1 - I could not connect to packet.  I would go to the packet window and 
type 'c station' with no results.  Any help on how to connect would be 
appreciated.  I read the manual several times upside down and sideways 
and could not get this one figured out.

2 - We got a lot of erroneous duplicate contacts.  I.E. The 20 meter 
station would log a contact and it would update all the other computers 
in the link as it should.  But for no apparent reason the 20 meter 
contacts would duplicate themselves on the other computers.  So if I saw 
a log hit my computer at the 15 meter station, it would be immediately 
followed by the same exact entry as a duplicate contact.  This happened 
an awful lot even with a test log entry or two.  We were not inputting 
the duplicate contact.

Thanks in advance.

73, Rich - WB5M
rmthorne at ix.netcom.com

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