Sprint results from WR3O

WR3O at music-city.tdec.state.tn.us WR3O at music-city.tdec.state.tn.us
Tue Feb 14 11:08:02 EST 1995

                         1995 NCJ NORTH AMERICAN SPRINT
     Call used: WR3O                                           Location: TN
     Category: Single Op All Band         Mode: CW              Power: 500W
     Callsign of Operator: WR3O  
     Exchanged Information: WR3O nr KIRK TN  
     Hours of Operation: 03:57
     band      QSOs     points
      80         40         40
      40         50         50
      20         46         46
     TOTAL      136        136   X   35 multipliers  =  4,760
     Club or Team Name: Tennessee Contest Group     
     This was my first Sprint.  I thought this was a difficult and
     demanding contest.  I was pretty frustrated the first hour or
     so just trying to get the hang of it.  Things became easier
     as the contest went on.  The first thing which was immediately
     apparent is that my CW ability needs vast improvement if I am to
     continue CW contesting.  I felt like I was driving people crazy
     asking for repeats, especially the guys running 40+ WPM who
     would not QRS, even when asked, even on the 4th repeat request!

     Still, it was good training, and I guess this is how I will get
     better at CW contesting.  Thanks for all the repeats!
     I, by virtue of my statement below, have taken part in the 
           1995 NCJ NORTH AMERICAN SPRINT on 02/12/1995
     conscientiously applying my most ethical interpretation of the
     published rules for this contest.
     Date: 02/13/95   Signature: <signed> Kirk R. Pickering    Call: WR3O
     Name: Kirk Pickering                  Call: WR3O
           4502 Scenic View Drive        
           Pegram, TN 37143


73, Kirk  WR3O   ( WR3O at music-city.tdec.state.tn.us )

>From srkelly at agora.rdrop.com (Steve Kelly)  Tue Feb 14 16:55:06 1995
From: srkelly at agora.rdrop.com (Steve Kelly) (Steve Kelly)
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 1995 16:55:06 +0000
Subject: FT-1000 and J-Com TC-Y1 Interface (timeout error)
Message-ID: <v01510101ab668a3d35c3@[]>

I just received the J-Com interface and have been trying to get it working
for the upcoming ARRL DX contest.

When using CT all I get is a timeout error.  When using TR Log I can
control the mode, band up & down, qsy vfo in the S&P mode, type freq into
call window to send the radio to a new freq, but the thing doesn't seem to
be sending any vfo data to the computer.  RX by radio but no TX to

        486DX33 & STB 4-Com Serial card (4 high speed ports)
        Yaesu FT-1000 (firmware v6.0)
        J-Com TC-Y1 Interface (one week old)
        TR Log v5.16
        CT v9.13

Baud rate set to 4800 in software.

Anyone else have this problem?
What was your fix?

Steve Kelly
srkelly at agora.rdrop.com

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