NF8R at NF8R at
Mon Feb 20 09:24:00 EST 1995

Well I had a good time in ARRL DX CW.
671 qsos 235 mults 474k score single op UNassisted
Tim's NA software worked PERFECTLY (as in Sprint)
kudos to K3LR and company for that !
Dave NF8R


>From Derrick Belbas <dbelbas at csdxp01.City.Winnipeg.MB.CA>  Mon Feb 20 14:14:01 1995
From: Derrick Belbas <dbelbas at csdxp01.City.Winnipeg.MB.CA> (Derrick Belbas)
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 1995 08:14:01 -0600
Subject: SB200's do 160!
Message-ID: <sf485039.092 at City.Winnipeg.MB.CA>

Regarding modification of the venerable Heathkit SB-200 driver, interested
parties can find relevant information in November, 1987 QST and the 1986
ARRL Handbook.  The two articles are not the same.

Thanks to N4ZR and K1KP for this information.  I believe this is K1KP's
second "good guy" star of the season.  Nice signal on the weekend up
here, Tony.

73..  Derrick  VE4VV

dbelbas at
ve4vv at

>From Jirasak Visalsawat <syam at>  Mon Feb 20 14:53:59 1995
From: Jirasak Visalsawat <syam at> (Jirasak Visalsawat)
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 1995 09:53:59 -0500 (EST)
Subject: HS0/SM3DYU results in ARRL DX CW
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.950220094412.15657A-100000 at>

My good friend Sam, SM3DYU, makes his home in Thailand permanently and 
earns his living as a shipboard electronics technician on board Norwegian 
chemical tankers plying the world's seas.  He has just gotten his HS 
license and has set up a makeshift station while on shore leave.  Since 
Sam is a CW man, I had advised him of the ARRL Contest and told him to be sure
and get on.

Well, his fax came in this morning.  He managed a grand total of four (4) 
QSO's in the contest.  He worked W6GO on 40, K3LR and K8AZ on 20, and 
N6TR/7 on 15.

Congratulations to the station operators in question for their good ears!

                                         73, Fred Laun, K3ZO    

>From Patrick M. Barkey" <00pmbarkey at  Mon Feb 20 18:17:29 1995
From: Patrick M. Barkey" <00pmbarkey at (Patrick M. Barkey)
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 1995 10:17:29 -0800 (PST)
Subject: ARRL DX at K3LR
Message-ID: <01HN9OO5KWUA9D5DSY at>

Here's the rough breakdown from K3LR multi/multi:

       Band       QSOs      Countries      Operator

        160        88          42           W3YQ
         80       568          92           VE3EJ
         40      1360         119           WA8YVR      plus K3LR
         20      1344         116           NA8V        on all bands
         15      1101         108           WR3G
         10        98          52           NI8L

       Total     4559         529  = 7.23 meg

Random comments:

Congratulations to W3LPL on an absolutely super score.  Its hard to catch
up to the leaders when they keep improving too.  Also congrats to K1KI.
All this work and we still can't beat these guys!

Conditions were simply superb on 40.  Every G and DL with an outdoor 
antenna was S9 almost the whole weekend.  QSO rates seemed to be limited
only by activity.   The "dead times" were between 0300 and 0600 UTC when
most of the casual op's were probably asleep.  Had a decent Asian opening
on Saturday morning.  JA3ZOH was THE big sig from Japan.  Kept working
long path until almost 1500 UTC.

The real story behind the contest was all the work done by K3LR and WR3G
getting the station ready for the contest.  Talk about attention to detail!
These guys have it down to an art.  It seemed like every problem we had
during the last contest season had been addressed and resolved.  Not getting
out well enough on 40?  Fine.  Take down the two 3 el beams, redesign them
as 4 el, and put them back up.  Big new antenna on 160.  Superb filtering
on all of the radios.  No computer networking problems whatsoever.  Tim
even put in a separate air conditioner for the shack.

You get the picture.  Really an enjoyable place to operate.  I don't know
what else can be done to narrow the gap between Tim and the east-east coast
(as opposed to the "almost" east coast), but I am sure Tim and Scott will
do it.  See you all on SSB.

   -- Pat

>From Jim Reisert -- PKO3-1/6H -- DTN 223-5747  20-Feb-1995 1018 <reisert at>  Mon Feb 20 15:17:24 1995
From: Jim Reisert -- PKO3-1/6H -- DTN 223-5747  20-Feb-1995 1018 <reisert at> (Jim Reisert -- PKO3-1/6H -- DTN 223-5747 20-Feb-1995 1018)
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 95 10:17:24 EST
Subject: CW test best spot
Message-ID: <9502201517.AA06493 at>

Robert WB5CRG wrote:

>IT9gsf spotted IU9V running 300 watts to a 25 el Quad.
>on 20 mtr.

The best one I worked OH6OS who gave his power as 2KW! A number of other
European stations could stand to learn a thing or two about reporting the
actual power they were running.

BTW, VK5GN had a great signal on 80 running only 150W! What does he have for

73 - Jim AD1C
reisert at

>From Steve Fraasch <sfraasch at ATK.COM>  Mon Feb 20 17:52:00 1995
From: Steve Fraasch <sfraasch at ATK.COM> (Steve Fraasch)
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 95 09:52:00 PST
Message-ID: <2F48D740 at msm.ATK.COM>

K0KX, Minnesota
Single-Op, Unassisted, High Power

Band Q    C
160  7    4
80   77   41
40   210  63
20   147  52
15   364  71
10   34   18

Total:    839  249 -> 626,733

 - 20 meter beam had ~ 4:1 VSWR.
 - Mediocre + 80m conditions; Line noise level S6 on 80m.

Relayed via K0SF

sfraasch at

>From fish at (Bill Fisher, KM9P  Concentric Systems, Inc.)  Mon Feb 20 16:04:13 1995
From: fish at (Bill Fisher, KM9P  Concentric Systems, Inc.) (Bill Fisher, KM9P  Concentric Systems, Inc.)
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 1995 08:04:13 -0800
Subject: Sprint Bashing??
Message-ID: <199502201604.AA27278 at>

I would like to address Gene's (N2AA) comments:

>I even have a great time chasing mobiles in some of the
>state QSO parties (Because it is great fun), which KM9P
>has stated is for retards. 

I'm sure Gene can't produce the message in which I said that people who do
QSO parties are retards.  I might suggest when you (we) quote someone, that
you put in a copy of the text so that you don't misquote someone as is the
case here.  

Regarding N2AA, K3ZO, K3WW, K5GA, K7SS's comments on this subject.  It's
interesting that N2AA and K3ZO have such strong opinions about a contest
that neither has operated.    I try to avoid commenting on VHF contesting
for this reason.  When Gene has operated a few Sprints seriously then his
comments about the Sprint will hold at least some water.  

Sprint last weekend...  ARRL DX this weekend...  Umm...  Both were hard.
The thing about the Sprint is that it takes the geographical advantages out
of the equation for the most part.  When I'm done with a DX contest I'm
always saying to myself...  "This would be different if I were in W1."  At
the end of a Sprint I'm saying "Damn... Jeff, Tree, and Steve are good!"  

That's the difference as I see it.  

Bill Fisher, KM9P   -    Concentric Systems, Inc.  

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