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Mon Feb 20 20:25:10 EST 1995

Danny Eskenazi   k7ss at wrote:
> Gee...maybe we could throw the top ten DX guys and the top ten SPRINT guys 
> together and let em duke it out.  Too bad the rules don't allow for them 
> all to be on WRTC teams, or at least in the same area during the event.
> Anyone got a spare hundred acres?

I say we lock them all in the ballroom at Visalia with police whistles and
the first one out with 1000 Q's wins!

It would be the only way to tell for certain who was running GAS...

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Subject: Sprintage
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          Lemme try this again. 

     Hey guys it's sure been nice working you in all the tests. There really

     is a feeling of comradery that I feel when I here those same old calls

     every year in one test or another. What I would like to add is that if 

     the Novice Round-up could have been redesigned around the SPRINT format

     it wouldn't have died several weeks back. While it's nice to work all of

     you year after year, what we really need is some  way to get neophytes 

     to join in. What better way to do this than the NR Sprint. Let's hold it 

     on New Year's Eve each year so as to allow an alternative for the Straight

     Key Night crowd who didn't stay sober. Send CW logs to me, SSB logs to 

     Ted Kennedy.  


     As far as the SPRINT goes, I feel quite comfortable that I am the best

     operator. I had 213 Q's and 38 mults. If I had been using my other radio

     then I would have easily nailed the entire field to the wall. 213X2=426;

     38X2=76 for a total score of 32,376! But I had one radio tied behind my

     back just to make it fair. Looking down the road, I sure hope contesting

     can survive. If the Republicans can get all their "Contest with America" 

     ideas through then we should have some pretty smooth sailing ahead. I

     really don't think they'll be able to bring us culturally diverse 

     radiosportsters together on all fronts, but hopefully we can all agree

     that it would sure be nice to take part in the payouts.Wouldn't it be 

     nice to receive disaster payments when a particular operation is hard

     hit by Murphy or deficiency payments during sunspot lulls.

     I hope to see you all for a group hug at Dayton where we can set aside

     our differences for a brief while and realize that we're all just one

     fine group of crazy cowhands. 

     Tnx,            Ross Ewage      

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