KR2J at aol.com KR2J at aol.com
Mon Feb 20 16:05:42 EST 1995

                  ARRL INTERNATIONAL DX CONTEST 1995

      Call: N2NT  (@NF2L)        Country:  United States  NNJ
      Mode: CW                     Category: Multi Two


      160         78        44
       80        556        85
       40       1064      111
       20       1272      113
       15       1153      108
       10          92        46

     Totals  4215(*3) x  507  =   6,411,015

Operator List:  NF2L, N2NT, K3UA, KZ2S, W2RQ, N2AA, KR2J, WM2H

NF2L has an excellent station.  Lucky for us, he allowed us to operate
it this weekend.  Bill and his family made us all feel very comfortable
and very relaxed.  This was a good thing as we could've gotten very upset
and angry due to extremely high line noise that we experienced
on friday night.  40 meters was almost useless except for the loudest of
signals.  We attributed the noise to the moderate weather we have had 
this winter.

So much for the excuses. We got beaten once again, despite the comfort
that we were getting from the fact that we had surpassed last years' M/2
winning score by mid-afternoon on sunday.  We have to stop doing that.

One thing we won't stop doing is having a good time.  

Multi/2 differs from Multi Multi in that you can't get a feel for what every
band is like throughout the contest.  Being limited to 2 bands narrows
your view of the contest by quite a bit.  I think this is one of the
reasons that Multi/Multi is so much fun.  I have found that re-capping
the weekend is much more difficult for M/2.

In general, we moved our 2 bands of operation around according to
where we could work Europe at any given time.  In M/2, this is much
more obvious since a much higher percentage of our qsos (85.6%)
were with Europe.  In M/M, we typically are around 60 - 70% Europe.

The best rate we had was on 15 meters during the 1300z hour saturday
morning where we had a 152 hour.  Our best hour on 20 was the 
previous hour at 108 qsos.  On 40 during the contests' first hour, 
we had 105.  The best rate on 80 was at 2300 saturday night with
64 qsos.  The last hour of the contest produced 55 qsos on 80 meters.  
K3UA felt that the condx were the best of the contest during that hour.
10 meters had no best hour.

The first day yielded 2,551 qsos and day 2 gave us 1,664.

Overall, due to the great hospitality of our hosts, and even though we 
lost,  we all agreed that we had one of the most enjoyable contest 
operating experiences we have had.  We'll be back next year.

See you all on SSB from N2RM or K3LR.

For the N2NT Team,

Bob Naumann
KR2J at AOL.com

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