Infrequent signing and dupes

Wed Feb 22 16:06:09 EST 1995

Gerry, W1GD brings up an excellent point:

>NOT SENDING YOUR POWER!  I worked V44KAO on several bands and he was not
>sending power on every QSO.  He did respond to requests.  Maybe I'm wrong,
>but based on the activity, V44KAO was not just some casual station handing
>out a few contacts/multipliers.

Whats the deal on this guy? Does he count for the contest? Since he
never sent the correct excahnge, is it a valid QSO. If I get some
guy who just sends me 5NN, I stop and ask what his power is. Its time
consuming, but late on Sunday afternoon one tends to try that much
harder as each QSO is precious. True this may be unproductive, but
don't the rules stipulate what the right exchange should be?

73 de Walt Kornienko  -   K2WK		Internet:   waltk at
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>From sellington" <sellington at  Wed Feb 22 15:18:55 1995
From: sellington" <sellington at (sellington)
Date: 22 Feb 95 15:18:55 U
Subject: Infrequent signing and dupes

>I worked V44KAO on several bands and he was not
>sending power on every QSO.

I had the same experience.

Scott  K9MA 

>From Cain, Jim,  K1TN" <jcain at  Wed Feb 22 20:57:00 1995
From: Cain, Jim,  K1TN" <jcain at (Cain, Jim,  K1TN)
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 95 15:57:00 EST
Subject: Signing every QSO?
Message-ID: <2F4BA563 at>

Larry: Ignore those who question your signing every three QSOs.

In my opinion, those who spend thousands of dollars to put a
multiplier on the air deserve to call their own shots. Besides,
every three QSOs is more than reasonable. There are alternatives,
but it's your ball game, and you can bet that those serious
competitors who got a multiplier from you on six bands (or 5,
or 4, or whatever) aren't complaining about your technique.

I've been in your shoes and I, too, have been irked and
rattled by those incessant "di di dah dah di dit" people. They
do (as you say) throw off your pileup rhythm, which costs
even more contacts. It's that kind of stuff that can make
you want to just turn off the radio and go to the beach
with a rum punch! They should be grateful you didn't.

Cheers.  Jim Cain, C6AFQ/VP2MDC etc

(These opinions are purely my own. JC)

>From Paul Pescitelli <pbp at>  Wed Feb 22 21:55:03 1995
From: Paul Pescitelli <pbp at> (Paul Pescitelli)
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 1995 13:55:03 -0800 (PST)
Subject: What's your call?
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.950222134421.18686A-100000 at>

On Wed, 22 Feb 1995, Larry Tyree wrote:

> Having been on both sides of the pileup, there is an answer that I like,
> but I don't think has been presented.
> When I know there are more people there to work, I could send EE, but
> the last time at TI1C, I would send my whole call....  at about 50 WPM.

I'm sorry but this should be reconsidered. I know that I am not the best
CW op around but there is no need to send ur call at 50WPM. Send it
once every 3 or 4 q's at a REASONABLE rate. I know quite a few amateurs
and I believe that the statistics will back me up, a high percentage
of them can not copy 50WPM. Now an exchange which is sent with every Q
sure rock it out at 50WPM we know what that is most of the time.

Just my 2 cents worth...


>From srkelly at (Steve Kelly)  Wed Feb 22 22:45:46 1995
From: srkelly at (Steve Kelly) (Steve Kelly)
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 1995 22:45:46 +0000
Subject: KC7EM--ARRL Int'l DX (40m, Single-Op) Score
Message-ID: <v01510100ab71656f9169@[]>


KC7EM -- Single-Op, Single-Band, 40 Meters

Rig:            FT-1000D
Amp:            Henry
Antennas:       3/3 Full Size DX Engineering Yagis @ 160 and 80 feet.
                Both on TIC RingRotors
Software:       TR Log 5.16

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Countries

   40CW      988         988       2964        79


This was my first attempt at using a PC Clone based logging program and
having the rig interfaced to the computer.  It was great having the band
map feature to display the call and frequency of a station I had done a
dupe check on.  Sure saved a lot of time not having to wait for stations to
give their call only to find I had already worked them.

I can't wait until the solar activity starts to increase again!!  I've been
amazed at the complete shutdown of the polar path between europe, eastern
europe, and the CIS to the pacific northwest.  It becomes disheartening
when I tune the band between the hours after my sunset and european sunrise
only to hear IQ4A and a few others.  The highest a euro ever moved my
S-meter was 7 to 8 (I's only).  I listened at length to the big
multi-multi's run stations I could not even hear. :-(  Makes one think that
some kind of sabotage has been done to the antennas, but alas its only
mother nature having a little fun. ;-)

The funniest moment I had was when I fell asleep around 1500z Sunday
morning only to be awakened by the sound of 9V1YC (a new mult!) coming
through my headphones.  At least my subconscious was still actively

See ya in the Phone test...


  Continental Breakdown
                   160    80    40    20    15    10    ALL
                   ---    --    --    --    --    --    ---
  USA calls   =      0     0     0     0     0     0      0
  VE calls    =      0     0     0     0     0     0      0
  N.A. calls  =      0     0    25     0     0     0     25
  S.A. calls  =      0     0    15     0     0     0     15
  Euro calls  =      0     0   194     0     0     0    194
  Afrc calls  =      0     0    12     0     0     0     12
  Asia calls  =      0     0    43     0     0     0     43
  JA calls    =      0     0   646     0     0     0    646
  Ocen calls  =      0     0    53     0     0     0     53

  Total calls =      0     0   988     0     0     0    988

Steve Kelly
srkelly at

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