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Mon Feb 27 15:11:11 EST 1995

	Hi guys!        
	I'm like the "Short Circuit" robot, "more input...more input..."!
	I'm interested in contest material to read. Is there a book
	about contesting (thechniques, tricks etc)? If yes, where I can
	find it? Will appreciate suggestions.
	73's Eric M. Guzman Colon, KP4TK
	ericm at 
 -I hate to receive NCJ...because I know I have to wait 2 long months for 
the next one!

>From Lew Sayre <lew at>  Mon Feb 27 19:44:41 1995
From: Lew Sayre <lew at> (Lew Sayre)
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 1995 11:44:41 -0800 (PST)
Subject: CQ 160M SSB Test
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.950227112123.20578A-100000 at>

   N7AVK  Score in 160M SSB CQ Contest

Who-  N7AVK  SO
WHere- Oregon  thats Ossscccuurr RRRRRomeeeoooooo
How Long-  A few minutes first night, 5 hours the second
Results- 310 Q's, 53 states/provinces, 6 countries = 46,020
How- FT 1000D wid Alpha 77 into 2 quarter slopers, one LP & one SP. They 
each resonated around 1810. I ran each thru a DXE Phase Box and when in 
phase resonated abt 1920. This mess is hung off of a 90 crank-up with top 
loading provided by a 80M full size 3L beam.
What- I need to do for the future is have a real receiving antenna or two 
so I can hear! 
Whining- No complaints. Nothing broke. Nobody cursed me more than the 
condix which were a tad above average...
Woofs- Yes Alice... I did get on the ARRL CW test.. so I'll see you in 
the SSB test.. 
Why- Because We love it so...
     73 and I remain,
    Lew          N7AVK         lew at

" I Believe It's the Gun, Jesse..." --Frank James, Sept, 1880

>From Kurt Pauer <0006743923 at>  Mon Feb 27 21:15:00 1995
From: Kurt Pauer <0006743923 at> (Kurt Pauer)
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 95 16:15 EST
Subject: Operating Time in ARRL DX Contest Score Report
Message-ID: <81950227211518/0006743923ND1EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

              ARRL DX Contest Operating Time Report
For the past two years, most of the CAC has been trying to persuade the
ARRL Contest Branch to publish the "operating time" on the score line
in the October QST results of the ARRL DX Contest.  The answer is a 
"Catch 22" in that they say that very few people report the operating time.  
On the other hand, the Summary sheet doesn't ask for operating time and CT 
doesn't report it on the "arrl95.sum" file.  The operating time was always 
reported back in the Middle Ages (1978 and before) and many of us found it 
useful in comparing our efforts with others.  The CAC is proposing that
the operating time be added to the score line.  The current rules don't
require operating time to be reported and the Summary Sheet doesn't ask
for it.  So we have to start somewhere.  In an effort to start the ball
rolling, please report your "operating time" as an additional item on
your ARRL DX Contest Summary sheet.  What criteria should you use for
operating time?  There is nothing exact about this, but I would define
it as the time that was actively spent in front of the radio.  I set the
OFFTHRESH to 15 minutes in CT and I am satisfied with the result.  If I
went 15 minutes without a contact, I wasn't at the radio.  Someone else
might have a different offtime-threshold.  Use your own judgment to
determine your own operating time.
Hopefully, we can persuade the ARRL Contest Branch that this is a valuable
piece of information for the contest report.  We will also try to persuade
them to add this to the Summary sheet and add it to the reporting rules.  
K1EA has told me that he can easily add a line to the CT xx.SUM file 
replicating the operating time shown on the logging screen.  If operating
time is not reported, the CAC is recommending a blank space as a default.
Please give this message dissemination over the PacketCluster networks.
If you feel strongly one way or the other about the issue of reporting
operating time in the results, let your CAC representative know.
                               Kurt Pauer, W1PH
                               New England Division CAC Rep

>From Paul Pescitelli <pbp at>  Mon Feb 27 21:07:25 1995
From: Paul Pescitelli <pbp at> (Paul Pescitelli)
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 1995 13:07:25 -0800 (PST)
Subject: CW Techniq. Results
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.950227130137.4965A-100000 at>

> Duh, but What does your survey prove?
> .......................................................................
> 73 de Walt Kornienko  -   K2WK		Internet:   waltk at
> DX PacketCluster:  K2WK > W3MM (FRC)    Packet:  K2WK at N2ERH.NJ.USA.NOAM
> _______________________________________________________________________

Well, who the hell let you out from under your rock? I merely wanted 
a few avid contesters to share their experiences. I see that you did not

I hope that since you were so ready to send me private e-mail that you
wont mind the entire reflector seeing your contribution!

Several of the more concerned hams wanted to see the results. So 
i posted them; so what's it to you ?

I never meant to prove a whole heck of alot anyhow!

>From Kurt Pauer <0006743923 at>  Mon Feb 27 21:20:00 1995
From: Kurt Pauer <0006743923 at> (Kurt Pauer)
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 95 16:20 EST
Subject: CAC Member List
Message-ID: <54950227212045/0006743923ND1EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

The ARRL Contest Advisory Committee is a committee to advise the
ARRL Awards Committee on important contesting issues.  The Awards
Committee (ARRL Staffers) take CAC recommendations into consideration
and make decisions on changes, additions, and deletions to the rules
for all ARRL sponsored contests.  The CAC is only an advisory body
and has no authority to change things, only to make recommendations.
Each Division Director appoints a member to represent that division.
The chairman is AA2DU and the vice-chairman is K3LR.  The following 
list is the most current roster of the ARRL CAC members.
Atlantic       Tim Duffy, K3LR          k3lr at
Central        Joe Sego, KJ9D           74147.1522 at
Dakota         John Baumgarten, K0IJL   jbaumgarte at
Delta          John Day, W4XJ
Great Lakes    Gary Hext, WB4FLB        hext at
Hudson         J.P. Kleinhaus, AA2DU    aa2du at     
Midwest        Larry Lambert, N0LL
New England    Kurt Pauer, W1PH         w1ph at
Northwestern   Larry Tyree, N6TR        tree at
Pacific        Bob Wilson, N6TV         n6tv at
Roanoke        Don Daso, WZ3Q
Rocky Mountain Doug Allen, W2CRS        w2crs at
Southeastern   Steve McElroy, K4JPD     k4jpd at
Southwestern   Mark Beckwith, WA6OTU    wa6otu at
West Gulf      Jim Eppright, K5RX
RAC            Tim Ellam, VE6SH         tellam at 
                            Kurt Pauer, W1PH
                            New England Division Rep

>From kn5hose at (kn5hose)  Tue Feb 28 00:01:07 1995
From: kn5hose at (kn5hose) (kn5hose)
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 1995 17:01:07 -0700
Subject: Unacceptable QSO's ??
Message-ID: <199502280001.RAA06532 at>

If Tom copied the DX station's power level by listening to another QSO,
why not count the Q? Does Tom delete Qs in other contests due to lack of
complete exchanges? Dont we all miss a number once in a while and then 
copy the next guys? 

Tom... leave it in....   73 de Hose  KN5H

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