zf8bs at twg.com zf8bs at twg.com
Mon Feb 27 17:06:13 EST 1995

Don't blame the excessive "?" calls on WJ20 for not signing on every
QSO.  I can tell you from experience that even if you do sign on each
and every QSO you complete, you still get lots of guys who drop a real
high powered "?" on you.  Maybe it's because too many DX stations will 
respond to the "?" and give their call, thereby encouraging the practice.  
Note I'm talking about this happening in the middle of a QSO, where you're
trying to get a partial fill.  Just ask anybody who has ever run from a 
DX location and they'll tell you what a nuisance this is.  Maybe if CT 
didn't come with F7 set by default to "?" it wouldn't be such a problem.  
I dunno.  But I certainly agree with John about this one.  It can drive 
you nuts.
                                Bruce, AA6KX

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