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Tue Feb 28 12:00:28 EST 1995

Kurt, W1PH sez:

> For the past two years, most of the CAC has been trying to persuade the
> ARRL Contest Branch to publish the "operating time" on the score line
> in the October QST results of the ARRL DX Contest.  The answer is a 
> "Catch 22" in that they say that very few people report the operating time.
> On the other hand, the Summary sheet doesn't ask for operating time and CT 
> doesn't report it on the "arrl95.sum" file.  

Shouldn't be a problem.  ARRL should leave a slot in the listings for time
operated.  If the contestant has the time on the summary sheet, publish it;
if not leave it blank. No "defaults" to 48 hours (it looks like sweepstakes
defaults the time to 24 if no time was submitted).

Let's see the times!!!

73    -------------------------------;--;<<    Gator   N5RZ   N5RZ at aol.com

>From biss at epg.nist.gov (Robert Biss)  Tue Feb 28 10:07:37 1995
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Date: Tue, 28 Feb 1995 10:07:37 +0000
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>From Scott J Bauer" <sjb at rfc.comm.harris.com  Tue Feb 28 17:48:39 1995
From: Scott J Bauer" <sjb at rfc.comm.harris.com (Scott J Bauer)
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 95 12:48:39 -0500
Subject: ARRL DX CW
Message-ID: <199502281748.MAA26955 at usc02.rfc.comm.harris.com>

I got the following approximate score from W2TZ last night:

W2TZ  Single Op, low power: 1,093,000  approx score,  1300 QSOs, 280 MULTs

Why approx ?  Fred still logs on paper.   You know, that white stuff with the
lines on it.  It will take Fred awhile to figure out the final MULT total,
subtract any unknown dupes etc.  He is just beginning to use computer logging.

I made him do it last year at Field Day. Said he liked it.

In the past he has logged on paper, and then typed the log into the software !
Yikes ! True !  He's getting there.  Doesn't trust computers.

WA2LCC ARRL DX CW puny total:    23,400   100 QSOs   78 MULTs

Skipped QSOs due to DX not IDing:  3 or 4

My policy is if they dont ID, dont work them.  I keep on tuning if I don't hear
a call within about 20 seconds or 2 QSOs.  If I accidently work them first and
have to wait for an ID,  I scratch the QSO from the log, afterall how do you
log a QSO without a call ?  And this from a station with 100 Qs.

As for the didit dadah didits, if you dont ID you deserve everyone of them.
And I'm not talking about VP2E/WJ2O, he IDed almost every QSO and getting the
call was NOT an issue.  I heard one guy go around 30 QSOs or so.  He must of
had 6 guys sending "?"  and he still wouldn't ID !

Question:  How did K3 U KNOW WHO  (K3MQH) get the BIG mult total on 6 & 2 in
the VHF contest ?  Impressive !

73 Scott WA2LCC   sjb at rfc.comm.harris.com

>From cgate!ocker at nntp.interaccess.com (Charlie Ocker)  Tue Feb 28 17:33:12 1995
From: cgate!ocker at nntp.interaccess.com (Charlie Ocker) (Charlie Ocker)
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 95 11:33:12 CST
Subject: ARRL DX Score Rumors Wanted
Message-ID: <9502281733.AA23966 at chasind.com>

I've just returned to CQ-Contest after moving north from Texas, and fighting
system problems here at work.  Hopefully, the system is now stable and my email
won't end up in the bit bucket.

I've missed all the traffic devoted to ARRL DX CW, and would appreciate a copy
of the score rumors.  I was part of the W9KDX multi-two team, and I HAD A BLAST!
It was good to contest again after being away from radio since CW SS.

73 es cul,
Charlie  KD5PJ/9	cgate!ocker at nntp.interaccess.com

>From McCarty, DK 'Dav" <DKMC at chevron.com  Tue Feb 28 18:19:40 1995
From: McCarty, DK 'Dav" <DKMC at chevron.com (McCarty, DK 'Dav)
Date: 28 Feb 95 10:19:40 PST
Subject: di-di-dah-dah-di-dit
Message-ID: <CPLAN065.DKMC.3053.1995 0228 10 17 10 17>

From: McCarty, DK 'David'
Subject:  RE: di-di-dah-dah-di-dit
Date: 1995-02-28 12:12


de K9MA:
>Perhaps there's another reason for all the "?"s.  At any given time,
>of operators are tuning around looking for a clear spot to call CQ.  So,
>when a DX station is copying a weak stateside station, everyone in his
>skip zone hears a clear spot, and drops in a ? to find out if it's busy.
>A couple dits lets him know it is.  Would you rather they just start
>calling CQ?

This doesn't fly with my experience.  If you take the time to reply to "?"
a couple dits or a di-dah-di-di-dit you more often get another "?", miss
more of the exchange, and your rhythm is totally upset.  Only if the other
guy is repeating
excessively is there time for this to work.  Even then, the best answer is
your QSL message -- callsign included.

By the way, have we all forgotten that "di-dit--dit"  --   not "?"  --  is
the right way to
quickly ask "QRL?"

Dave K5GN
dkmc at chevron.com

>From Jim Reisert AD1C  28-Feb-1995 1326 <reisert at wrksys.enet.dec.com>  Tue Feb 28 18:25:28 1995
From: Jim Reisert AD1C  28-Feb-1995 1326 <reisert at wrksys.enet.dec.com> (Jim Reisert AD1C 28-Feb-1995 1326)
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 95 13:25:28 EST
Subject: New country files for CT - 28 February 1995
Message-ID: <9502281825.AA06690 at us1rmc.bb.dec.com>

Here is the list of changes:

28-Feb-95       * Added 3D2CT and 3D2CU as callsigns for Conway Reef, 3D2/c.
(CTY-502)       * Added GB6AR to callsign list for Wales, GW.
                * Removed LU1ZS from prefix list for S. Shetlands, VP8/h.
                * Added ZK1UVO, ZK1VDX and ZK1VTK to prefix list for
                  North Cooks, ZK1/n.

The files are available from a number of sources (listed in easiest/soonest
to hardest/latest order):

1.  Send a message to CT-USER-REQUEST at eng.pko.dec.com to request the file(s)
    you want, i.e.:

	GET cty.dat
	GET arrl.cty
	GET history.cty

    Remember that file names are in lower case.  Multiple file requests on
    separate lines are OK.  The files are there NOW.

2.  Send a message to CT-USER REQUEST at eng.pko.dec.com and get the whole .ZIP
    file in UUencoded form.  If you don't already have a program to
    UUdecode, you will need to get UUD.COM as well:

	GET cty.zip
	GET uud.com	(optional)

    Remove the headers and trailers from the UUD.COM mail message so that
    the resulting file begins with "ENC.COM.B&F=" and ends with "z!1", and
    save it to UUD.COM.  Then remove the headers and trailers from the
    CTY.ZIP mail message so that the resulting file begins with "begin 664
    cty.zip" and ends with "end".  Save this to a file called CTY.UU.  Then
    on your PC type:

	C:\> uud cty.uu

    This should create the CTY.ZIP file.

3.  FTP the file from:


    This is an ANONYMOUS FTP server.  When you get the username
    prompt from gatekeeper, log in as anonymous, and use your EMAIL
    address (i.e. reisert at eng.pko.dec.com) as the password.  Then
    'cd' to /pub/k2mm/ct-files, type 'binary' then 'get cty.zip'.

    John K2MM is pretty good about keeping the latest files in there.  Look
    for a file dated February 28, 1995 or later.

4.  FTP the file from:


    This is an ANONYMOUS FTP server.  When you get the username
    prompt from gatekeeper, log in as anonymous, and use your EMAIL
    address (i.e. reisert at eng.pko.dec.com) as the password.  Then
    'cd' to /pub/misc/hamradio, type 'binary' then 'get cty.zip'.

    This may take several days to catch up - look for a file dated
    February 28, 1995 or later.

5.  Download the file CTY-502.EXE from the CT BBS at 508-460-8877.
    I will upload it Tuesday afternoon, 2/28, but it may take a couple
    of days for K1EA to move it to the public area, and include it with

6.  Download the file CTY-502.ZIP from the DX BBS at 502-898-8864.
    I will upload it Tuesday afternoon 2/28.

As always, please send me any corrections.

73 - Jim Reisert AD1C
reisert at eng.pko.dec.com

>From vburns <vburns at netcom.com>  Tue Feb 28 19:59:46 1995
From: vburns <vburns at netcom.com> (vburns)
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 1995 11:59:46 -0800 (PST)
Subject: V31DX..Were outa here.............
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9502281122.A8412-0100000 at netcom11>

At 1:00PM we blast off off.  Will be operational tomorrow by 
00:00Z..probably as V31VB.

You guys in the hard to get central states, remember that the Atlantic 
Backscatter can be 30 db better than direct on 10 Meters.  Try a 
East/Southest beam heading.  We will be looking *hard* for you all.

73 es gud luck in the contest.

V31DX - The Cuba Libre Contest Club.

>From fabry at BASISinc.com (Robert Fabry)  Tue Feb 28 20:01:53 1995
From: fabry at BASISinc.com (Robert Fabry) (Robert Fabry)
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 95 12:01:53 PST
Subject: contest and DX music
Message-ID: <9502282001.AA03221 at mailhost.BASISinc.com>

I just received the country music CD by G3WZZ/OZ1XJ that was reviewed
on page 105 of the January QST.  Its really fun.  Lots of contest and
DX specific lyrics.  Highly recommended!

-Bob Fabry, N6EK
fabry at BASISinc.com

For those of you who don't have access to QST, here are parts of the
review by K3KMO:

   The lyrics capture the real feeling of ham radio, sometimes at its best
   and sometimes at its most aggravating.  But a nonham just wouldn't
   appreciate many of the finest lyrics.  Here are some samples.

   On contesting:  "Two whole days of talking to what/ Seemed to be a
   hundred thoudand friends/ Was it really worth it?/ Well, I guess it
   depends"  ("On the Monday Morning Greyline.")  On a ham's priorities,
   in a plaintive story sung by Lissa in a husky, low-keyed voice:  When
   we met he had a ten-metre dipole/ And he would visit my place in the
   night/ 'I need you' he said/ 'When propagation is dead/ And I'll stay
   with you 'til it gets light'" ("The Radio Widow.")  On the priorities
   of a ham's wife:  "Now its night, I'll make him pull the plug/ Make
   him come and sit beside me/ Just for spite I vacuum clean the rug/
   'Cause it causes QRN/ At last, with resignation/ He accepts my
   invitation/ Smiles and says, 'Ham radio's a drug' " ("Now it's Night.")

   This album will bring a tear to your eye on those lonely drink-alone
   evenings, and it will make you laugh at your ham-radio self during happier
   times.  Ain't that what C & W music is all about?

   Available from Last Resort Records, Mollestien 53, DK-8000 Aarhus C,
   Denmark, tel +45 86 130632, fax +45 86 191980; available in the US from
   Bonneville Music, PO Box 8521, Moscow, IS 83843, tel 800-721-4077.

>From fabry at BASISinc.com (Robert Fabry)  Tue Feb 28 20:08:18 1995
From: fabry at BASISinc.com (Robert Fabry) (Robert Fabry)
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 95 12:08:18 PST
Subject: Contest and DX music, addendum
Message-ID: <9502282008.AA03286 at mailhost.BASISinc.com>

The name of the CD is "Seek You" and the name of the group that does it
is "The Ham Band."

-Bob Fabry
fabry at BASISinc.com

>From Peter G. Smith" <n4zr at netcom.com  Tue Feb 28 19:22:11 1995
From: Peter G. Smith" <n4zr at netcom.com (Peter G. Smith)
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 1995 11:22:11 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Climbing Belt Selection
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9502281131.A6718-0100000 at netcom>

I know this is not *strictly* contest-related, but I figure the denizens 
of this reflector probably spend more time up on towers than most, so I 
risk asking for direct E-mail responses to the following query, which has 
generated quite a bit of controversy on the East Coast mega cluster:

What are the pros and cons of rock-climbing body harnesses vs conventional
climbing belts, for climbing/working on normal lattice towers?  Which do
you use?  Brand name?  Price?  Any special features or modifications? 

If there's interest, I'll be glad to summarize responses for the reflector.

73, Pete                                       
N4ZR at netcom.com
"Better, faster,cheaper -- choose any two"
"No no no -- it's WEST Virginia"

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