johnv at johnv at
Tue Feb 28 16:18:43 EST 1995

Couldn't believe the number of VE6's on in this one.I don't have everyones 
score but here are a few from the Edmonton area.

VE6JY   SOHP   307 Q   59 M   83,426 Pts

VE6XH   SOHP   214 Q   49 M   47,677 Pts

VE6FR   SOLP   177 Q   50 M   40,000 Pts
(aka VE6JAV - finally got a two letter call!)

VE6LDX  SOLP   160 Q   41 M   28,208 Pts

VE6WQ   SO??   130 Q   41 M   24,000 Pts ??

The highlight for me was being able to work KP2A with low power! Also heard 
XQ8ABF at about 9:00Z with a good signal,JY and XH were able to work him, all 
I got to do was pratice my new callsign! Friday evening was much better than 
Sat. when we had a fadeout of all but the NW USA and some interesting green 
aurora to the NW.

73 from John VE6FR aka VE6JAV aka CJ6V.

>From Peter L. Huber" <phuber at  Tue Feb 28 23:50:33 1995
From: Peter L. Huber" <phuber at (Peter L. Huber)
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 1995 18:50:33 -0500 (EST)
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9502281833.C1270-9100000 at>

I Just finished chatting with the 8P gang on 20. On freq was 8P9HR (K4FJ)
and 8P9HU (K3KG). They wanted me to QSP that the towers and antennas are
now ready, at the new location, for the upcoming ARRL DX Phone Contest and
that they will be listening for you on all bands during the TEST.


73 es GL to all........... de Pete (8P9HQ)------>

Pete Huber, K3ZR	\-\-\		TriBBS #1056
Bowie, MD 20715		  |		CIS: 73770,1272
phuber at	  |		PCLUSTER: K3ZR >KE3Q

>From joe.ham at (Joe Ham)  Tue Feb 28 14:00:41 1995
From: joe.ham at (Joe Ham) (Joe Ham)
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 1995 14:00:41 GMT
Subject: MFJ Voice Keyer
Message-ID: <9503010630112464 at>

I just got mine--have run some tests with positive results--will find
out for sure this weekend in the ARRL SSB

>From James White <0006492564 at>  Sun Jan  1 16:41:00 1995
From: James White <0006492564 at> (James White)
Date: Sun, 1 Jan 95 11:41 EST
Subject: Many Thanks de K1ZX
Message-ID: <75950101164157/0006492564PK1EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

Happy New Year Everyone

20 responses as to sorting of SS log...most involve importing data into a
commercial spreadsheet program....tnx to WC4E I am now pseudo proficient in
Lotus 123...............was up til 4 AM last night playing with my new toy!
Big trick is "parsing" the incoming imported data (the Call.log from
"WRITEARRL" works just fine)....have log broken down by section and band

I cheat when I say I was up til 4 AM....I slept from about 10 PM to about
2AM with a brief toast at midnite in the middle....slept nicely last
nite-spent the day doing antenna work, glad to repoert 40 meter beam is back
in action at W1CW....a connector failure....first time I ever soldered a
PL259 at 135 feet!

There have been others offering more compact ways to sort the data as in
programs they have written specifically for the task....WC4E and I will be
experimnenting with these and report back to y'all later

                               73 de k1zx               k1zx at

>From dgf at (David Feldman)  Sun Jan  1 19:04:18 1995
From: dgf at (David Feldman) (David Feldman)
Date: Sun, 1 Jan 1995 11:04:18 -0800
Subject: Need info on computer contest s/w pkgs
Message-ID: <199501011904.LAA21287 at>

I'm giving a presentation next week to our local QRP club on the
computer aided aspects of contesting. I'd like to get up-to-date
contact (phone#/addr/e-mail) info on CT, TR and any other contest
software logging packages. If someone has "canned" write-ups on these
packages, I'd be grateful. I won't be giving a demo, just handing out
some information. The package I use is CT version 7, but I gather there
are more recent versions of CT as well as other packages out there.

Thanks for any help!

73 Dave WB0GAZ dgf at

>From James White <0006492564 at>  Sun Jan  1 19:57:00 1995
From: James White <0006492564 at> (James White)
Date: Sun, 1 Jan 95 14:57 EST
Subject: Cushcraft 10-4CD dimensions
Message-ID: <92950101195729/0006492564PK4EM at MCIMAIL.COM>


Need an instruction sheet for Cushcraft 10-4CD antenna...need to know
dimension information....have it in pieces, need to know the taper
dimensions and the lengths/positions....please lemme know if you can help
out.  It is a pile of parts, you can help me turn that pile of parts into
the beam it yearns to be!


                                Jim, K1zx           k1zx at

>From Robert Penneys <penneys at>  Sun Jan  1 21:09:50 1995
From: Robert Penneys <penneys at> (Robert Penneys)
Date: Sun, 1 Jan 1995 16:09:50 -0500
Subject: To: VE4VV
Message-ID: <199501012109.QAA13569 at>

I tried to send you e-mail but it bounced. Please send me a mailable address.

Great to have you back.  So far you, me, WA4PGM (who came in first QRP in one
of the recent tests), K7SV, and K5ZD who did not know how much time he could
put in. I want him big-time if he is really available. Also, KA4RRU is available.
I think NAQP is 5 on a team and the Sprints are 10. I will be on CQ-Int t
tomorrow night.

GO NERDS in 95!!!

Feel free to call me at work .. 800-644-4476.     Bob

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