CQ 160 SSB Single Op SCORES?

BSUNFLOWER at delphi.com BSUNFLOWER at delphi.com
Tue Feb 28 23:34:27 EST 1995

I have not seen many rumors for the 160 SSB test...please send any scores
you've heard to my address bsunflower at delphi.com

here is a local's score 
N3MKZ 1040some qso's 58 states 20 country's
for 197k
de WU3M..

>From Richard E. Darwicki" <rickyd at delta1.deltanet.com  Wed Mar  1 04:42:27 1995
From: Richard E. Darwicki" <rickyd at delta1.deltanet.com (Richard E. Darwicki)
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 1995 20:42:27 -800 (PST)
Subject: No subject
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>From Jon R Kimball <ASJRK at acad2.alaska.edu>  Wed Mar  1 08:39:39 1995
From: Jon R Kimball <ASJRK at acad2.alaska.edu> (Jon R Kimball)
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 1995 00:39:39 -0800
Subject: No subject

Saw the bottom of our ARRL DX CW M/2 from KL7Y message was mising
a final score:  Let it be 4096 Q by 289 M for 3.55meg, a new KL7
record.  M/2 with only 2 guys is a lot of work!  NL7GP

>From James Hurt <jhurt at freenet.columbus.oh.us>  Wed Mar  1 10:00:43 1995
From: James Hurt <jhurt at freenet.columbus.oh.us> (James Hurt)
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 1995 05:00:43 -0500 (EST)
Subject: WR8C CQ 160 SSB score
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1277 x 75 = 222,225


>From s50k at robo.fer.uni-lj.si (Marko Munih)  Wed Mar  1 11:27:12 1995
From: s50k at robo.fer.uni-lj.si (Marko Munih) (Marko Munih)
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 95 11:27:12 MET
Subject: 160m SSB score

Here is 160m WW SSB preliminary score for S50K:

Qso     547
Qso pts 2943
States  14
Contry  58
TOTAL   211896

Thanks to those who called me and others which called me but I did 
not recognize them.
Heard several dx, which could not work them: yv2if, v26as, vp5jm,
ti4cf, pt7bz, zl3jr. When will Central American stations start to
work Europeans during opening hours?

Bevarages at 40, 330 and 240 degrees for receiving and
loop + dipole for transmit. 
kW, IC 751A and IC 735
        With best regards,

                                        Marko Munih

Marko Munih, D. Sc.             Faculty of El. & Comp. Eng.
Assistant Professor             Trzaska 25, 61000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
marko at fer.uni-lj.si             tel.: +386 61 1768 229
s50k at robo.fer.uni-lj.si         fax.: +386 61 264 990           

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