1995 NAQP Announcement (#2)

W9NQ at aol.com W9NQ at aol.com
Wed Jan 4 03:29:59 EST 1995

Hello again,

     This is the second posting of the 1995 NAQP Announcement as promised
earlier.  This one is abbreviated, and hopefully more legible than the last
one I sent out.  For some reason the E-Mail program I use at work, Beyond
Mail for Windows, inserts all kinds of strange things into the text of the
message.  If you would like a personal mailing of the complete set of rules
for the NAQP Contests, E-Mail me directly at W9NQ at aol.com and I'll send you
one.  If you are familiar with the NAQP, you won't need them since there
hasn't been any rules changes to be advised of.

     A couple of other points need to be made as well.  Earlier I mentioned th
at KZ2S and KM9P would be taking care of the 1994 and earlier NAQP awards.  I
have decided to go ahead and take care of the August 94 awards myself since
that is the point at which I took over the log checking and results reporting
chores.  My goal is to have the certificates into the hands of the winners by
the time the results are published in the NCJ (Mar/Apr 95 issue).  The
plaques may take a bit longer depending on the availability of plaque
sponsors.  We'll do the best we can.  I say WE because the last thing I want
to mention is that Steve, N4TQO will be handling the SSB portion of the NAQP
Contest.  Steve and I are looking forward to the challages ahead of us and
hope that together we can continue the growth and popularity the NAQP has
attained over the last 5 years.

     Since Steve is in the process of moving QTH's, send your SSB team
registrations and contest logs to me and I will forward them to him in bulk.

73 es cu in the test.

Bob, W9NQ

PS, if you are interested in the possibility of sponsoring an NAQP plaque let
either Steve or Myself know and we can work it out from there.

          Announcing The 1995 North American QSO Parties

1. Contest Periods:

January Contests:

CW - 1800Z 14 Jan to 0600Z 15 Jan
SSB - 1800Z 21 Jan to 0600Z 22 Jan

August Contests:

CW - 1800Z 5 Aug to 0600Z 6 Aug
SSB - 1800Z 19 Aug to 0600Z 20 Aug

2.  Entry Categories:  Single Operator and Multioperator - Two Transmitter.
 Single Ops can only operate 10 out of the 12 hours and must have off times
of 30 minutes or more clearly marked in their logs.  Multi-Two stations can
operate the entire 12 hour period.  Multi-Two stations must submit seperate
logs for each station and have a minimum of 10 minutes between band changes.
 All entrants are limited to a maximum output power of 150 Watts at all

3.  Bands: 160M through 10M excluding the WARC bands.  The same station may
be worked once per band for a total of 6 QSO's per station (per contest).

4.  Exchange:  Name and Location (State, Province or Country).

5.  Scoring:  Multiply the total number of valid QSO's made on all bands by
the total number of multipliers worked for your final score.  Multipliers
are: States (including KL7 and KH6), Canadian Provinces (British Columbia,
Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia,
PEI, Labrador, Yukon and NWT), and other North American Countries.  Do not
count the USA, Canada, KL7 or KH6 as counties.  Non-North American QSO's can
be made for QSO credit only.

6.  Team Competition:  Teams consisting of 1 to 5 Single Operators per team
can compete in the team competition.  In order to be eligible, teams must be
pre-registered with W9NQ prior to the start of the contest.

7.  Reporting:  All NAQP logs must be submitted to Bob Selbrede W9NQ, 6200
Natoma Ave, Mojave, CA.  93501.  All logs must be post marked not later than
30 days after the end of the contest.  All logs must include a signed summary
sheet.  It is preferred that seperate submittals be made for each mode with
the mode and callsign clearly marked on the outside of the envelope and on
the enclosed diskettes, if included.  Logs can be sent to me via E-Mail to
the address listed above.  Include a summary sheet with your E-Mail
submittals as well.  I will send out E-Mail receipts for all logs received
via E-Mail.  Summary sheets should also indicate off times taken for Single
Op entries.

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