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Sat Jul 1 02:32:18 EDT 1995

I Think the idea of articles on station design for 1,2,3,4 tower SO,MS and MM
ect. From BIG GUN to little pistol. There is a void of the everyday
information  needed by the builder of a contest station., or just keeping
abreast of the evolution thats taking place.
Case example.Local guy gets ic775dsp had a Kenwood used the 12v on tx to open
bev. line. thers no 12v dc on tx and the ic775 senses the rf on bev ant
 turns down tx output power.. Sure the guys put there heads together and
presto.. a new circuit! but its a secrete ! 
A fellow ham shows up at FD. with his new FT1#### wiz bang radio.
YOU CANT PLUG IN (LPL) BAND PASS FILTERS !  I am sure there is a mod to fix
this problem .  I had a solution but b-4 i could plug in the 1/2 drill he
snatched up the radio and headed down the hill..!! 
I cound go on and on  but you get my point.. Please no mater how small the
TID BIT is  or how LARGE the presentation is . Share it with the troops..
 As for CQ .Its the only publication I know of .Where the cover story is one
mybe two (short) sentences. Ther have been three occasions where I did not
spent more time evaluating the cover shot the reading the contents. I was
saved this anguish twice by the US postal service.The cover was mangled
beyond  description.(they then put it in a plastic bag and forwarded the
remaining pages to me ) and the other time. Was when a famous K1_ _ was
looking at a collapsed tower and ant`s .The obvious was painfully clear. You
cannot freestand 100ft of rohn 25 with stacked 15 mtr beams !!! 
 Wayne KY3N

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