External DSP Filters Info

VMWN2PP at aol.com VMWN2PP at aol.com
Sat Jul 1 14:08:10 EDT 1995

 I am presently considering the use of an external
 DSP filter for use with my TS-930S for contesting.

I would appreciate any feedback on the various 
commercial DSP filters that are available, especially
contesting experience.

Please send replies direct and I will later summarize on
the reflector.

Thanks to all for the previous info on tower concrete
and lightning protection.  I just poured two tower bases
 on Friday and the info has been more than helpful..

73, Vic
N2PP, Syracuse, NY

>From XTFF35A at prodigy.com (MR CHARLES A CULLIAN)  Sun Jul  2 00:16:11 1995
Date: Sat, 01 Jul 1995 19:16:11 EDT
Subject: Correction to my earlier note
Message-ID: <013.08199740.XTFF35A at prodigy.com>

I started out talking about fixing front end overload using a stub at 
the receiver, but got carried way when I talked about second harmonic 
reduction. This must be done on the transmit end using a quarter wave 
shorted stub (an open at the xmit freq, but a short at the second 
harmonic) This indeed reduces the second harmonic by about 20 db.


>From James R. Hill" <0006429120 at mcimail.com  Sun Jul  2 05:49:00 1995
From: James R. Hill" <0006429120 at mcimail.com (James R. Hill)
Date: Sat, 1 Jul 95 23:49 EST
Subject: 5A Info
Message-ID: <81950702044918/0006429120PK3EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

KH6CF was on 40m tonight asking about latest info ref 5A. Someone came
on and said N2AU passed word that dxpdn won't start until July 4.
Anyone confirm this?? 

DX reflector is kaput so appreciate any info on contest reflector.

73/Ron, k6ozl
k6ozl at mcimail.com

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