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Barry Kutner writes:

: 1. Nobody has ever proven packet is an advantage. As a matter of fact, 
: the Top Ten SO scores are usually higher than the SOA scores.

Have you really looked at the scores?  I have - your statment is 
just not true. The "serious" SOA guy has more mults and if he
does the contest correctly he has as many qsos.  The SOA stations
have more mults/per qso.  The fact that usually the compitition is 
lower  in the SOA catagory is just a showing of lack of intrest 
of the serious single ops? (maybe)

: 2. I've heard lots of stories about SO's monitoring packet anyway, so 
: this eleminates one possible form of cheating.

This is like saying that everyone in the qrp or 100 watt classes 
run 1500 watts.  So why have them?  Or why even have single op?

: 3. It is just another part of the progression of technology. Should we 
: have a computer logging vs. hand logging catagory? memory keyer vs bug? 
: etc.

Now - this is true - but you over look one very important fact - 
how about the guy that does not have a packet cluster to connect to?
I have been operating at a station for the last 2 years where until
very recently - we had almost no packet access - why should someone
like that be forced to play at a disadvantage?  Packet clusters
are *not* universal - nor are they of the same quality everywhere.

In fact there are clusters where you have 5-12 users who are
almost all ssb dxers - dont help much in a cw contest.

: 4. I think it is more of a sham when a hired gun has the station owner 
: cooking, performing minor (or major) maintenance, etc.

Well - this I have never bought - I operate at W5KFT - I stacked 
all the tower, I do almost all the maintaince, he lives 350 miles away -
I operate the contests alone.  The driveway it 2 miles long - usually
with only cows to talk to on my off times.

: 5. IMO, it adds to the comraderie of contesting, and makes the contest 
: more interesting.

This might be true - but is not a good reason to *force* folks to 
use packet.

: That's it off the top of my head. Probably could come up with more...
: 73

What to give it another shot?

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