Squint Contest

shaimes at sescva.esc.edu shaimes at sescva.esc.edu
Fri Jul 7 19:43:48 EDT 1995

I must have been out of town when all the discussions of the kids contest
was going on here on the relflector. I just read about it in the National
Contest Journal. I LOVE the idea. My 6 year old son is always wanting to
get on the radio. The closest he comes is talking to my fellow club members
on the club repeater. He would really have a blast on HF. I also have many
friends with young children who would also love it. GREAT IDEA!! Who thought
of it? 

I'd like to throw one together this month. Say Sunday July 15th at 1900
zulu. We could use the same 20 meter frequencies as last time. Anyone 
interested please let me know.


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