95 IARU Score - WB2K

John A. Ross, IV wb2k at ritz.mordor.com
Mon Jul 10 07:58:29 EDT 1995

                      IARU HF Championship -- 1995

     Call: WB2K    Category: Single-Op / Phone Only   ITU Zone:08


      160        3        3     1.00      1      1
       80       50      134     2.68     16      5
       40       58      188     3.24     18     10
       20      871     3209     3.68     33     19
       15      131      451     3.44     21     10
       10      242      846     3.50     11      7
     Totals   1355     4831     3.57    100     52

                 Score: 734,312 points

Station: Single 72' crankup tower on 50x100' lot
         KT34XA @ 87' / 40-2CD @ 72' / Create 75/80m Rotary Dipole @ 80'

Operated this year with just a single radio, assuming the bands wouldn't be
open enough to justify the extra mental strain....WRONG!!! Knew I was in
trouble when I meandered down to the basment in my undies at 10:30z to see
what the bands looked like. 10m was open to EU and I couldn't resist making
a few Qs...well maybe more than a few. Ended up rushing upstairs just
before the test started to get dressed and wolf down a meal. The opening
had started to fade by the time the test started, but was a real nice start
to the contest. There's no meters like 10 meters!!!

Seemed like there were many more HQ stations on this year than in the past,
will have to check my old logs. I particulalry enjoy this test because it
mixes the flavor of CQWW without the overwhelming presence of CQWW-class
multi-multi's and humongous packet pileups. (Don't get me wrong..I like
SOA in other tests). It's also not impossible (but still a challenge) for
those of us in the tribander crowd to find and hold a run freq for a few
minutes. A very pleasant contest......until..... I made the mistake of
using 14.235.4 to run. What _was_ I thinking??? Actually, looking back I
wasn't thinking at all. It was simply a semi-clear freq that was available,
and I got no reply when I asked. Well to make it short...I had run for
about 10 minutes while little to my knowledge I was being surrounded by the
"SS Gestapo". I was summarily instructed that I was treading on holy ground
and if I didn't QSY I'd be hung from a high tower with old coax.

Surpise #2 was finding that all of a sudden making a Q on 40m would reboot
the PC. Hmmmmm...this never happened before. Sure makes life interesting
when you have to wait for a reboot/reload after every Q!

Was quite shocked at the number of LU stations on, and the total lack
(and I mean ZERO) PYs. Gotta admire them though, they screamed their lungs
out trying to get the attention of all of us up north while we were working

All in all, lots of fun. Thanks to all who participated.
73, John - WB2K
John A. Ross, IV  - WB2K / VE2TJA [Zone 2]  (wb2k at ritz.mordor.com)
Summit, New Jersey
Contest DXpedition Registry ---------> http://www.mordor.com/wb2k

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