WX9E at aol.com WX9E at aol.com
Mon Jul 10 06:20:38 EDT 1995

I logged the old fashioned way, so these are the rough numbers.

                              WX9E       CW only

1352 QSOs (un-duped)    4240 points      85 zones      35 HQ 

23 hours operating.... took the last 30 min off to nap before the
drive back to Chicago.   Misc fridge raids and bathroom trips 
account for the other 30+ min. 

Pleased with the Q total, didn't do enough mult hunting.    3.14 
points per Q average is rather disappointing.   Zero Europe on 80m thanks to
static and rain noise all night.   Highest rate... 
107 on 20m 6 hours before the contest....   wide open to UA/EU/AF.... better
than during the test!   Worked lots of good 
stuff that didn't call in.   Hope I make top ten.   

Paul   WX9E

>From jallen at vhfcom.com (John D. Allen)  Mon Jul 10 13:22:44 1995
From: jallen at vhfcom.com (John D. Allen) (John D. Allen)
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 1995 07:22:44 -0500
Subject: IARU
Message-ID: <199507101122.HAA18117 at nic.iii.net>

Natan - The condix on 10 and 15 are due to summer Es, which, if anything,
is inversely related to the sunspot cycle.

73, John, K1FWF

> Tried the IARU for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it!
> The 24 hr. format assures some balance for the operator and
> should be looked into for other contests!
> My goal in this contest was to try out the new stack of C3 
> antennas.  The performance was most satisfactory!  All of
> the other antennas are on the ground as I am doing my first
> re-build of the station this summer..
> I was really surprised with the conditions on both 10 and 15
> as I was able to generate Eu runs with ease on each band.  I
> believe the 10 and 15 meter bands were open much longer than most 
> people expected as both have been showing life for a couple 
> of weeks now!...It was very nice to have Eu runs on 15 ...even
> deep Europeans were available , not the Work All IK0 type 
> of opening.
204,594 points in 8.6 hours of combined phone and cw.
> Natan, W6XR/2

John D. Allen, jallen at vhfcom.com

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