WV5S at aol.com WV5S at aol.com
Mon Jul 10 14:44:06 EDT 1995

WV5S, Single Op, CW Only, Section 7, Oklahoma

BAND     QSO'S     ZONES     HQ'S

80             31                6           0
40           231               21           9
20           459               33         14
15           133               19           9
10             25                 5           1

TOTAL     879               84         33

SCORE     372,294

STATION - FT-990, Alpha 76A, DSP-9
                 80M - Vertical
                 40M - 40-2CD at 75 Ft
                 20-10M - TH7 at 65 Ft

Always a fun contest.  I enjoy being able to work everybody.  This, by far,
was my best result.  Surprising openings to Europe, UA, and JA.  First few
hours were pretty rough from here - poor props on all bands.

Jim, WV5S

>From Charles Kraly <n0biw at solar.sky.net>  Mon Jul 10 18:45:46 1995
From: Charles Kraly <n0biw at solar.sky.net> (Charles Kraly)
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 1995 12:45:46 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: WPX CW Dates
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.950710124154.8353A-100000 at solar.sky.net>

At Dayton this year I posed just the same question to N8BJQ and Steve 
said that due to the fact that we will have to wait and see if Dayton is 
going to settle on the May dates for sure. Also he said that "it would 
take a few years to get all the eastern europe countries to get used to 
the new dates". As soon as the members of the KCDX club heard about the 
moving of the Dayton weekend, we started discussing the possiblities of 
WPX CW moving, and I thought that Dayton would be the right moment to ask 
Steve. KYFC!!!!
n0biw at sky.net

>From Assarabowski, Richard" <AssaraR at utrc.utc.com  Mon Jul 10 18:51:00 1995
From: Assarabowski, Richard" <AssaraR at utrc.utc.com (Assarabowski, Richard)
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 1995 13:51:00 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: W1AW in IARU
Message-ID: <3001695C at msgate.res.utc.com>

So you're the guy who wanted to go to 10 CW!  You asked at a most 
inopportune time...  there were 3-4 ops all sacked out in various positions 
on couches, getting some much needed cat naps, and I didn't have the heart 
to wake one of them up.  Meanwhile I was having a pretty good run myself and 
didn't want to break away -- but since you worked us on all the other bands 
maybe we'll make an exception and "put you on the list" of most-favored 
contesters hi!  N1FNN worked us a 12 band-modes (but he's a local).

IARU has always been one of my favorite contests, partly because of the 
24-hr format and the everyone-works-everyone rules.  We made almost 10,000 
Q's and it was a blast!  Eight stations were set up in 2 rooms, interference 
between bands was quite irritating at times (the temperature didn't help), 
but spirits were high.  Good crew of ops too (K1KI, K1TO, K1ZZ, K1CC, W1OD, 
W1RM, N6BV, AA2Z, K5FUV).  Biggest thrill was making 1400+ Q's on 10m (!) 
and just about 24-hour propagation on the band.  Another surprise was 15m 
with great EU openings (even a couple of Italians in the middle of the 
night).  Twenty was not as good as expected to EU (lots of W's though), low 
bands not too hot (only 2 JA's on 40).  Surprised at how many US stations 
are on 40 SSB during the day, including lots of mobiles.

More to come from K1KI with the breakdown, don't think we'll beat the top EU 
stations but at least we put W1AW on the map.  Comments like "first time I 
worked W1AW in 40 years as a ham" made it gratifying too!

                                        -- Rich K1CC
                                            assarar at utrc.utc.com
> When we made our final contact w/ W1AW, the only one we were missing (10 -
> 80) was a 10 CW contact.  We asked the op if anyone there was game for a
> try.  After a minute or so he came back and said he couldn't wake anybody 
> for a try.  Oh, well.
> I must admit W1AW made a SERIOUS effort this year.  Congrats!
> Paul Walker, N9WHG op at KX8D
At about 1130Z Sunday morning, I tried calling CQ on 10 and 15 for a while.
Each time, within 5 minutes, W1AW answered me...and propagation was pretty
good for being so early in the morning.

Tor N4OGW/9
n4ogw at uiuc.edu

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