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Mon Jul 10 19:12:13 EDT 1995


I am posting this for Jim, KF0H.  IARU Single Operator 

Band       CW         SSB       Multipliers
160           9              0               4
 80            5             19              9
 40           89            11              24
 20          460           572             60
 15           109          222             41
 10            25           214             10

Totals:  697 CW, 1038 SSB, 148 Mults.   Score = 941,428

Station location: Goldfield, Iowa

WR0G for Jim, KF0H               

>From James Wolf" <jbwolf at most.magec.com  Sun Jul  9 05:06:34 1995
From: James Wolf" <jbwolf at most.magec.com (James Wolf)
Date: Sun, 9 Jul 1995 04:11:34 +5
Subject: More Contest Antenna Questions
Message-ID: <9507090415.AA02270 at ss4.uiv>

I have read with interest the thread on tri-banders and the Cush 
40-2CD combo.

I have a TH6 at 100 ft and a 40-2CD 16 Ft above the TH6.
I also have a TH6 on a seperate tower at 48Ft.

I am curious if anyone else has had the following experience.
In comparing the two TH6's in a real live QSO, the station I am in 
QSO with almost always gives me a greater difference in signal 
strength between the two antennas than I see on this end.
I have seen as much as 10dB and as little as nothing, (delta)  but never has
the higher TH6 underperformed the lower antenna relative to signal
strength received here with respect to signal  received on the other end.
Much of the time I see little difference on receive between the two
antennas anyway.

I have had the opportunity to swap the antennas noting no change, and 
the antennas are set up with the same measurments. Feedline loss is 
not significant, either.

Is it possible that in transmitting with an antenna at a higher 
height thus a lower angle of radiation resulting in fewer hops to get 
to the receiving station the results may not be reciprical when
 receiving a signal from an antenna at lower heights.
In_other_words, could this be a reason why the received signal does 
not seem to show as much difference on my end as it does on the DX 
end when switching between the two antennas at different heights

I have had limited opportunity to test this with higher antennas on the 
other end, and the results maybe seemed to be more in line with what I 
would expect, but far from conclusive.


James Wolf, KR9U
jbwolf at most.magec.com

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