IARU Score xe2ac

Luis_Delgadillo.aguas at xmex.xerox.com Luis_Delgadillo.aguas at xmex.xerox.com
Wed Jul 12 18:28:09 EDT 1995

XE2AC ,  SO, SSB, Low power

Unable to erect on time the 24 mts tower and tribander...
smashed thru the 5k barrier... with a low height wire antenna and
running barefoot. Lots of fun despite working a very few 
operating hours.
1st and last IARU contest working with a wire antenna.

	QSOs    Mult
	----    ----
 160:       0       0      
80:      62       2       
40:     214      11       
20:     516      10      
15:     143      3       
10:      0	0       
	----    ----              
               212     26    =   5,512

Radio IC-745
Antenna: Ant-Farm Multiband wire mod.2 .

Thanks for the Q's
Luis XE2AC
Aguascalientes, Mexico
ldelga.aguas at xmex.xerox.com

>From Frank Donovan <donovanf at sgate.com>  Thu Jul 13 02:38:44 1995
From: Frank Donovan <donovanf at sgate.com> (Frank Donovan)
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 1995 21:38:44 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: BIGGG Contest Yagi Design Tips!
Message-ID: <Pine.OSF.3.91.950712212258.9478B-100000 at jekyll.sgate.com>

Hi Bill!

For the most part I do not use saddles on u-bolts.  The only exception 
is at the prop-pitches, where I do use them.  I simply purchase steel 
muffler clamps from my favorite auto parts supplier, throw everything away 
except the saddle, then have it hot dip galvanized!  The most desirable 
saddle has a welded strap on each side, to prevent spreading under 
compression; however, this type is not as common as the simple formed 

I use hot dipped galvanized u-bolts from the Rohn catalog including the 
following types: J51 J60 J64 J68  You can use a large vise to easily 
reform any of these into your own preferred custom size!

Frank W3LPL

>From kc7v at PrimeNet.Com (Mike Fulcher)  Thu Jul 13 07:18:49 1995
From: kc7v at PrimeNet.Com (Mike Fulcher) (Mike Fulcher)
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 1995 23:18:49 -0700
Subject: results
Message-ID: <199507130618.XAA10442 at mailhost.primenet.com>

My "food for thought" comment on moving cw wpx from the end of May to the
last weekend in April resulted in:

YES             NO

10               2

I did not keep any comments from the group.

73 de Mike

                         Mike Fulcher
                        Cave Creek, AZ
                       kc7v at primenet.com

>From Brian Short <ke7gh at PrimeNet.Com>  Thu Jul 13 07:24:52 1995
From: Brian Short <ke7gh at PrimeNet.Com> (Brian Short)
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 1995 23:24:52 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Logging Summary
Message-ID: <199507130624.XAA26986 at usr1.primenet.com>

Below is a summary of responses I received regarding the best logging
program for my application.  All names were removed.  I beleive this
practice is acceptable on this list.  If not, I appologize as I was 
merely trying to have free exchange of ideas.  No harm of any kind to
anyone worldwide is intended.  73 de Brian 


NONE of the contest programs out there are completely bug free.  The serial
port networking is solid as a rock...if you have it set up properly and you
are running version 9.2x (the last few versions) and it's rare when there is
a version that doesnt actually network properly.  Compared to previous
generations, CT9.23 is relatively bug-free and stable.

CT is probably not as easy to setup properly as NA (dont know about TR) as it
requires the use of TSR's for the COM ports, DVP, etc.  However it is a more
efficient program and if you read the docs, it's should be pretty easy to get
your network going if you have good ports and complete/shielded null modem


I'm not sure about the 890, but I'm pretty sure it works with the FT900, so
I'm surprised it doesnt work with your 890.  You might ask on the CT reflector
or call Harvard on their help line and see if you can get an answer.

I dont know why the problem with the lack of paddle support...he advertised it
and never delivered.  NA does have paddle support...

In general, CT is always a few steps ahead of TR and NA with the latest
features and "bug control".  While NA claims bandmap support, it is very crude
compared to CT's version.  CT's networking is much sexier, memory management
is better (more Q's per byte), has full DVP support for those who have em,
has a 50 line vga mode so you can get more on the screen if your eyes are good!
The list goes on....

CT's big downfall is lack of support for minor contests.  It tends to be buggy
and relatively untested in things like VHF, field day, etc. but usually works
fine on a stand-alone computer (unnetworked).  NA has a custom contest
utility that allows you to generate new contest templates for the small

: 1.  FT-890 CAT support does not work (my second/field day rig)


: 2.  No support for Heath Intellirotor

Not yet - but maybe

: 3.  No CW Paddle support

TR - had it from the start.

I have NOT had good success with NA and the FT-890. It does work, but is very
slow and "clunky". I would not be so negative if it were not for the fact the
N6TR's software runs my FT-890 quickly and smoothly in the 2-radio mode.

As to the other items. I can't comment.

Hi Brian,
My product, WriteLog for Windows, does some of what you
want, but not all.

1. I'm pretty sure the FT-890 works and if not, I'll fix it.
2. No support for Heath Intellirotor.
Me neither, but, pardon my ignorance, what would you like the
logging program to do with it? Certainly you don't want it
turning the beam every time you time a call? Anyway, I'm
willing to work on the support, but I'd have to rely on you
for the documentation of the COM interface and for the
spec of what you would want it to do.

A related issue is COM support under Windows. You MUST
have a separate IRQ for every comm port under Windows whihch
often means getting a relatively expensive card that
puts ports above IRQ 7.

3. CW Paddle support.
Yes, WriteLog has this but you have to be willing to build
a little circuit with a 16 pint DIP between your LPT port
and your paddles. The chip (a programmable part) is available
from me for $15.00 but you have to do your own soldering.

4. DVP. You didn't have a #4 but I have to. There is no DVP
support in WriteLog. And there won't be. Instead, it supports
standard consumer-style PC sound boards.


I have used CT in the past, but have been very pleased with N6TR's contest
logging program.  Give it a try.

Hi Brian,

I personally like NA, and I have used both.  I own a FT 890 and it works
fine.  Also really like the external Paddle use with NA when I take my laptop
to guest op, which I have to do a lot.  There is a NA Reflector
(na-user-request at eng.pko.dec.com) and just send Subscribe in the message like
this one and your on the list. It might be of help. Really the only plus I
saw in CT was the band mapping, it is great in a multi-multi.  Other than
that the screen is just a little too busy for average use.

73 CU in the tests..Mike

Oops, sorry, I gave you the wrong address for the N6TRR mailing list - it's
n6trlog at cmicro.com.

I don't know if N6TR reads this list, but you really oughta include his
logger in your list of candidates.  My problem with NA is that it's
basically a clone of CT, so far as the user interface is concerned, while
TR LOG has dramatically simplified its interface.  I think it can do
everything you want with the possible exception of the Intellirotor
support.  contact N6TR as tree at cmicro.com or WB5VZL (geoiii@??? - I
forget) or send a query to TRLOG at cmicro.com to get the entire list's
reaction to your questions.

Just an observation. I must say I'm a little dissapointed with the "Quality"
of CT. I had assumed because it is popular and not in-expensive it would be
"bug" free. This seems to be not the case.
Also, this "RS232" networking seems to be flakey based on what I read on
the news-group. Why not do away with it and just support "comercial" type networks.
Some of the workarounds such as optical fber would indicate that for serious
contest stations, $$$ are not the prime consideration.


Brian,   I bought a copy of NA version 9.
I refuse to buy CT version 9, when they never got version 8 fixed right
& I hear abt so many bugs in 9.
Ask LTA about DVP support BEFORE you order NA.......
Remember the tsr for DVP is done by CT and I doubt they will fix it


Please share any responses you get about the FT890 issue with me.  I
invested in one a few months back to have an inexpensive SS rig, but
if it doesn't work with CT.......!



  I own NA9.21 and TR Log 5.2? ... I have used various versions of CT
  over the years at other's stations. I DID prefer NA, In fact I purchased
  version 9 for the DVP support ... To make a LONG sad story short ...It don't
  WORK 100 % with the DVP ... Crash City, Excuse City, UN Happy Op City.

  Without the DVP, it does work well ...

  TR DOES work very well with the DVP ... Not sure about the other 2 items
  on your list ... TR LOG is DIFFRENT, but once you get used to it, the NA/CT
  system seems slower ... I do think it has paddle support ...

  As of TODAY, tho ... NA 9 does NOT work with the K1EA DVP 100%, particulary
  if you try rig control and pkt also (ie SOA) ... They are trying to find a
  fix ... but that has gone on now for many months ... sk

>From Bob Patten <z002816b at bcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us>  Thu Jul 13 12:17:00 1995
From: Bob Patten <z002816b at bcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us> (Bob Patten)
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 1995 07:17:00 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Which Logging Program
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9507130723.A17970-0100000 at bcfreenet>

On Tue, 11 Jul 1995, Brian Short wrote:

> May I respectfully ask which contest logging program is recommended?
> Presently I use CT/DVP and have several issues:
> 1.  FT-890 CAT support does not work (my second/field day rig)
> 2.  No support for Heath Intellirotor
> 3.  No CW Paddle support
I use NA for reason #3 above.  Also, NA can now be configured for 'most 
any contest via "templates"...

>From BILL FISHER" <BFISHER at concen.com  Thu Jul 13 09:10:05 1995
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 95 08:10:05
Subject: Last Call CQ Trophies...
Message-ID: <9506138056.AA805648205 at concen.concen.com>

     I am offering to buy a plaque for the SO Unassisted winner in Zone 3 
     USA for both modes.  Anyone willing to buy for zone 4?
     Bill, KM9P

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