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Thu Jul 13 09:32:37 EDT 1995

The problem with the inflationary process of SO becoming the 'snickered at /
down at the heels / poor relation'  to high dollar, big gun SOA,  is that it
places severe financial and location barriers in the way of the vast majority
of contesters... If you are not affluent AND living in a heavily populated
part of the country with rapid packet spotting, you are a potted plant...
I recognize that it is fun for those who meet both of the criteria, but it is
further driving contesting into the haves and have nots..... This is not good
for the future of contesting...I strongly suggest that we look at what we are
doing to the sport...

The multi single / multi, multi  /  big production efforts, (al. la. W3LRL,
etc.) are fine and should not be criticized, because if you aspire to run
with this pack you KNOW that you had better be a big dog, or get back under
the porch.... They are fun to watch, and fun to work, and they are good for
the sport....

But, when a good, single op, contester discovers that he is $15K and 500
miles short of EVER having any chance of moving into the top ten, even once -
and, as a result loses interest - it injures the sport....
>From my point of view, the SO class should be 'single op' and 'single rig',
and a BUNCH of awards / attention / back patting should be available to
foster interest in this level of serious contesting...Will a few cheat? OF
course.... But, it gives us that front porch for new contesters to come
knocking at the door....and some will stay to become the competition to
Frank, et. al...which is what we need...

Cheers ... Denny    - nipping at the heels of the pack, arf arf....

>From lvn at (Larry Novak)  Thu Jul 13 14:29:01 1995
From: lvn at (Larry Novak) (Larry Novak)
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 95 9:29:01 EDT
Subject: KA4RRU IARU M/S Score
Message-ID: <9507131329.AA18147 at>

Forwarded from packet:

KA4RRU IARU contest score

Category: Multioperator/Mixed Mode

Ops: Mike, KA4RRU, Larry, K3TLX and Ed KJ4VG

      CW     SSB   MULTS
160   12       4      4
 80   10      56     12
 40  289      12     34
 20  306     419     60
 15  104      78     31
 10   13      13      8
ALL  734     582    149
Total Score: 626,992
1309 Q's 149 Mults  CW pts = 2464  SSB pts = 1744
Equipment: TS-940 with SB-220. Second radio was a Triton IV at 100 watts
           until it blew two fuses, then a slightly sick IC-745 at 60 watts.

Antennas:  TH-6's at 90 and 45 feet; TH-3 at 60 feet;
           2-el 40 mtr beam at 100 feet; rotatable 40 mtr dipole at 70 feet; 
           Dipoles for 80 and 160.
We had a great time might do it again next year.. cu in the next one

de Mike ka4rru

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>From David Robbins KY1H <robbins at>  Thu Jul 13 14:32:55 1995
From: David Robbins KY1H <robbins at> (David Robbins KY1H)
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 95 09:32:55 EDT
Subject: address change
Message-ID: <199507131330.JAA00426 at>

Due to company mergers my email address has changed.  I am sorry for any
mail that has bounced in the last week or so, but we poor vax mail users
were forgotten when they changed addresses on all the other networks.

Please change   ROBBINS at GUID2.DNET.GE.COM 
in any of your mail distribution lists.

I think I have fixed all the lists I am on, if you see any bounced mail
from my old address after this message please let me know.  

73, Dave KY1H  Robbins at

>From cady at (Fred Cady)  Thu Jul 13 14:58:22 1995
From: cady at (Fred Cady) (Fred Cady)
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 1995 07:58:22 -0600
Subject: max length of RS-232 network link?
Message-ID: <199507131358.HAA06043 at>

>>The maximum length of the RS-232 runs is not affected by the fact the
>>you are using the -LOOP mode of CT. It will solely be determined by
>>the robustness of the particular interfaces you are using, and the
>>RF integrity of the cables. Check me on this, but I think RS-232
>>is spec'ed to a max of 500 feet.

I posted this info on the ct reflector because that's where I thought
the discussion was taking place.  Please forgive the duplication here.

Summary of RS-232C, RS-423, RS-422 and RS-485 Standards

Specification  RS-232-C     RS-423        RS-422         RS-485
Receiver input +-3 to       +-200mV to     +-200mV to    +_200Mv to
voltage        +-15V        +-12V          +-7V          +-7V to +-12V
Driver output  +-5 to       +-3.6V to      +-2V to       +-1.5V to
signal         +-15V        +-6V           +-5V          +-5 V
Maximum data 
rate           20 Kb/s      100 Kb/s      10 Mb/s        10 Mb/s
Maximum cable 
length         50 feet      4000 feet     4000 feet      4000 feet
Driver source 
impedance      3 K to 7 K   450 min       100            54 
Receiver input 
resistance     3 K          4 K  minimum  4 K  minimum   12 K minimum
Mode           Single-ended Single-ended  Differential   Differential
Number of 
drivers and 
allowed on one 
line           1Dr/1Rx      1Dr/10Rx      1 Dr/10Rx      32Dr/32Rx

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