3rd Kids Contest(SquINT) This Sunday

D. R. Evans al019 at freenet.hsc.colorado.edu
Thu Jul 13 09:49:33 EDT 1995

On 10 Jul 95 at 0:32, shaimes at sescva.esc.edu <shaimes at sescva.esc.edu> wrote:

> Announcing: The 3rd SquINT Kids Contest. The response has

> Log Submissions: This is the best part. There is no official
> form or summary sheet. By all means you should submit a
> printed log for each kid in your family but as far as the
> summary sheet is concerned, Use the back of your QSL card
> and print the total number of QSOs, total number of QSO
> points(which should be double), the total number of
> multipliers, and the final score.
>                     # QSOs    QSO Pts.    Mults.    Score
>                     =====================================
>                       25       50          15        750
> It's that simple! Send your logs and your QSL cards to:
>                                    Stuart Haimes N2AUK
>                                    11 Lever Place Plainview,
>                                    New York 11803 USA

We probably won't be on this time. This is so much more complicated than
the last run. I much prefer: "Get on, make some Qs, post your log if you can
read it afterwards, send in some money, get a certificate."

D.R. Evans NQ0I / G4AMJ : devans at orion.colorado.edu
                          al019 at freenet.hsc.colorado.edu

"Palindor Chronicles" information and extracts:

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Subject: Which Logging Program
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Any idea where I could get NA? Price ?


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On Tue, 11 Jul 1995, Brian Short wrote:

> May I respectfully ask which contest logging program is recommended?
> Presently I use CT/DVP and have several issues:
> 1.  FT-890 CAT support does not work (my second/field day rig)
> 2.  No support for Heath Intellirotor
> 3.  No CW Paddle support
I use NA for reason #3 above.  Also, NA can now be configured for 'most 
any contest via "templates"...

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