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> Date: Fri, 14 Jul 1995 23:30:08 -0700 (PDT)
> From: "H. L. Serra" <hlserra at pwa.acusd.edu>
> Subject: Re: (long) W1AW IARU HF
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> Hi Tom- Can any League member use W1AW for a particular contest from 
> another QTH/station (e.g. K1KI), or is such use limited to present or 
> former League employees? 
> 73, Larry N6AZE

The trustee for W1AW is ARRL Executive Vice President Dave Sumner, K1ZZ.  
He's the one who decides how and when the call is used.  

Of course the primary use is the daily W1AW information bulletins - and 
almost all operating efforts from the building at ARRL HQ in Newington are 
secondary to that, meaning that when W1AW was active on Field Day a couple 
of weeks ago, the effort had to be interrupted for about 15 minutes an hour 
from 4 PM until 1 AM Eastern time.  That doesn't make for a particularly good 
effort, and really messes up your concentration as an operator (very 
annoying!) .  Actually, during the IARU HF contest one really unhappy person 
was quite concerned when we were running stations when it was bulletin time. 
We assured him that the bulletins were going on as scheduled.

Over the past 15 years or so W1AW has been used at a couple of ARRL national 
conventions (W1AW/5 W1AW/4 W1AW/6 I think), and for a couple of Field Day 
efforts off the HQ location.  

Previous efforts in the IARU HF Championship have not been as successful as 
anyone would have liked, in part because of the priority we place on keeping 
W1AW bulletins going like clockwork.  In fact, the group that helped out last 
year (WB2DIN, WN3K, etc) suggested a different QTH would be best.  W1AW is 
designed for multiband bulletins and for casual visitor use, it isn't a well 
designed multi-op contest station.

I began talking with Dave early this year about how the ARRL might mount a 
more competitive effort in the IARU HF Championship in 1995, and volunteered 
to do the organizing.  In the past we've been way back in the pack in the 
category where IARU society HQ stations compete against each other, loosing 
badly to many European radio societies many times smaller than ARRL.  There 
was some pressure to set up in the same style as the HA DL or S5 teams, where 
they have stations set up at different QTHs all over town (or the entire 
country).  In the end, that was too radical an idea...  

I offered my QTH for a couple of reasons: it is set up for a multioperator 
effort, using the W1AW callsign here would not compete against any other USA 
multi-op efforts in this contest, I'm also located in Hartford County, and 
I'm a Vice President of ARRL.  

We started with a goal of 6000 QSOs and 4th or 5th place, about 30% more QSOs 
than the best effort in the past, and couldn't be happier that we ended up 
with nearly 10,000!  It was a very, very good group of operators.  We haven't 
heard from the HG95HQ or DA0HQ groups yet but suspect they beat us handily 
because of their experience, station layout and because we enjoyed working so 
many USA stations at 1 or 3 points instead of 5 pointers outside North 

I'm certain you won't see us sign as W1AW from here in ARRL SS, ARRL DX, or 
CQWW - but next year we just might do IARU HF CHampionship again!  The ARRL 
should be at the top of the list of HQ scores.

73 - Tom

PS - Sorry we missed working you - we did catch N6AZR though...

E-mail: frenaye at pcnet.com  
Tom Frenaye, K1KI, P O Box 386, West Suffield CT 06093
Phone: 203-668-5444

>From Morao Esteban <z801183a at bcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us>  Sun Jul 16 15:02:07 1995
From: Morao Esteban <z801183a at bcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us> (Morao Esteban)
Date: Sun, 16 Jul 1995 10:02:07 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Dx cluster via the net updated
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9507161037.A8271-0100000 at bcfreenet>


here is a resume of my message abt connecting to packet clusters via the


I play around with them, and boy! the information is almost real-time,

it feel like you are a local station.

Any questions? E-mail me direct

Hope everyone have fun...

73 de Steve W4/YV5DTA

z801183a at bcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us

1. WD5B Little Rock, Ark via WD5B gateway: telnet

2. F6CNB, Sugarland, TX via F6CNB gateway: telnet

3. VE7CQD via VE7TPG gateway: Netrom only from a gateway to VE7TPG:YVRARG,

then "c uhf ve7cqd"

4. PY2XB-6 via PY2BJO-5:SPAULO gateway: telnet

5. IK5PWK-6 via IK5QGO gateway: telnet

6. KI8W-2 via N8IT:SAPGATE gateway: telnet

<<Stuff Deleted>>

tnx/73  Mike

Mike Bragassa

Amateur Radio: AA5NK, R3/AA5NK


USA: bragassa at mcia.com

Russia: bragassa at glas.apc.org

Hi Steve.  LOTS of clusters via the internet.

telnet to:     sapgate.freeway.net

               c dxclus 


               c badx


               c crv - c g6crv-10 - c dxlivs


               c 4c0589 - dxc


There are MANY more, but those should get you what you want for now.  good luck

Yes, try this jewel.


This has a DX-cluster, World call books (Buckmaster), 425 dx news and several

other goodies.

de KR7Y, Hugh

kr7y at netway.net.


Try ik5qgo.ampr.org and enjoy it.

Kensuke Nakajima


e-mail: knaka at riec.tohoku.ac.jp

>From Mr. Brett Graham" <bagraham at HK.Super.Net  Sun Jul 16 15:37:29 1995
From: Mr. Brett Graham" <bagraham at HK.Super.Net (Mr. Brett Graham)
Date: Sun, 16 Jul 1995 22:37:29 +0800
Subject: VS6BG A-P Sprint score
Message-ID: <199507161437.AA00716 at is1.hk.super.net>

51 Qs 20m, 11 Qs 40m, 45 mults for 2790.
73, VS6BrettGraham aka VR2BG bagraham at hk.super.net

>From Mr. Brett Graham" <bagraham at HK.Super.Net  Sun Jul 16 15:37:49 1995
From: Mr. Brett Graham" <bagraham at HK.Super.Net (Mr. Brett Graham)
Date: Sun, 16 Jul 1995 22:37:49 +0800
Subject: IARU high claims #2
Message-ID: <199507161437.AA00723 at is1.hk.super.net>

>From left to right, call, Qs/Zs/HQs or Qs/(Zs+HQs), score & comments.
Additions or corrections to me, please.  Since input is dribbling off,
I'll make one last post later next week.
Single-op CW:
N2IC    1766/130/43     1203734
W1WEF   1797/96/56      1077224
K5GN    1500/138/48     1010285
K3ZO    1671/(157)      1003701
WX0B    1429/(154)      833872  op:NM5M
S50D    1466/104/55     772422  op:S57AD
K7SV    1119/(153)      640917
AA4NU   1442/(117)      578816  op:K0EJ
N6ZZ    1128/95/35      530140
WX9E    1352/85/35      508800
N4TQO   1090/89/27      496016  @AG6D
WN3K    1059/73/41      436506
KR0Y    742/(139)       390000
N0BSH   1001/(122)      373198  @W9UP
WV5S    879/84/33       372294
N6KI    881/88/18       331674
WB0O    714/(121)       312906
N0DH    761/(115)       290835
KO9Y    676/72/38       258940
N4OGW   567/55/31       151618
KK9W    407/46/23       90045
W3GOI   350/40/9        61299
VS6BG   271/48/11       58351
W3CPB   228/34/33       47302
KD0AV   183/(36)        20412
AA8SM   137/24/12       18396
N7ENU   121/25/10       15295
NG3K    104/32/15       ?
Single-op phone:
WB2K    1355/100/52     734312
WS1A    1313/87/43      603850
WA7FOE  1310/91/23      486552
VE6JY   852/(139)       478438
N3ADL   1016/82/41      396798
JH5ZCP  844/78/28       384356  op:JR5JAQ
KQ4HC   718/81/38       240142
N1PBT   610/57/29       116616
XJ7CFD  550/51/13       113152  op:VE7CFD
JH4RHF  298/48/30       95628
W1INF   510/37/16       68476   op:KB1GW
KG6LF   ?/?/?           53463
XE2AC   72/(26)         5512
Single-op both modes:
KF3P    2246/119/62     1530174 @W3LPL
AA4NC   1687/(159)      965522
KF0H    1745/(148)      941428
K3WW    1068/82/49      513520
WJ2O/TF 1370/59/41      441600
KB2R    1030/71/46      405288  @K1KP
K2PS    718/67/32       282942
W6XR/2  815/59/19       204594
AA8OT   520/70/33       171392  @W8LT
N2MZH   584/60/37       160632
NS0B    360/66/32       119364
N3BDA   192/43/18       41480
WA7BNM  183/35/17       31044
W9SZ    166/31/19       22900
K2YJL/M 93/(8)          1400
Single-op unknown:
N2BCC   1175/95/40      630585  @N2RM
PI4ZLD  210/37/31       44880
IR4T    2544/123/82     1954060 ops:I4UFH I4JMY I4YSS IK4IEE IK2QEI IK2HOG
WX0X    1940/146/57     1382024 @K4VX ops:K4VX AG9A WX3N
N3BB    1967/119/39     1078192 ops:N3BB AA5RB
K9SD    1327/(169)      814411  ops:KW0A WW9L KA0GGI KC9AL
NC0P    1577/(131)      692204  ops:NC0P WD0GVY WA0ETC WO0V WA0FLS WR0G
KA4RRU  1309/(149)      626992  ops:KA4RRU K3TLX KJ4VG
N3KZ    1300/80/49      535092  ops:WI2E WI2N
NF8R    1087/(140)      457940  ops:NF8R KA8D
N5EA    1010/(112)      411000
K6XO    1175/(80)       300000  ops:K6XO AB7GM KI7WX W0MHS
KX8D    564/67/38       168000  ops:N9DHN N9WHG
W1AW    9765/177/77     6898894 ops:K1ZZ K1KI K1TO W1OD K1CC W1RM AA2Z
                                K5FUV N6BV
S50HQ   8000/?/?        ?
IARU HQ cheat sheet:
8J3XHQ          JARL
DA0HQ           DARC
EM5HQ           UARL
ER7A            ARM
GB5HQ           RSGB
HB9A            USKA
HG95HQ          MRASZ
IY2ARI          ARI
LT4E            RCA
LY1RMD          LRMD
LZ7A            BFRA
OL1HQ           CRK
OM5HQ           SARA
OT5H            UBA
R3HQ            SRR
S50HQ           ZRS
SK3HQ           SSA
SP0HQ           PZK
TM5M            REF
W1AW            ARRL
XE1LM           FMRE
XJ7RAC          RAC
YR0A            FRR
YU0HQ           SRJ
YV5AJ           RCV
Z30RSM          RSM
4V100RC         RCH
73, VS6BrettGraham aka VR2BG bagraham at hk.super.net

>From MEC <danmec at inet.uni-c.dk>  Sun Jul 16 15:55:29 1995
From: MEC <danmec at inet.uni-c.dk> (MEC)
Date: Sun, 16 Jul 1995 16:55:29 +0200 (METDST)
Subject: XMATCH - Antenna tuner
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9507161646.A20729-0100000 at inet.uni-c.dk>

In the NCC there is an ad from N4XM, but he wants 3 dlrs just to send you 
info about what he is selling, which does not make sense to me.

Is anybody using this device, and what is so special about it ?

If it is patented, which he claims, there is nothing to be secret about.

Anybody out there who can through some light on this ?

73  rag OZ8RO

>From Don Anderson <bigdon at eskimo.com>  Sun Jul 16 16:21:32 1995
From: Don Anderson <bigdon at eskimo.com> (Don Anderson)
Date: Sun, 16 Jul 1995 08:21:32 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: 40 over 20.
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.950716075457.4351B-100000 at eskimo.com>

On Tue, 4 Jul 1995, George Cutsogeorge wrote:

> For a number of years I used a 2 element shorty forty,402BA,
> at 12 feet above a 204BA.  When first installed I ran patterns
> on both beams and they were as expected.  Performance of both
> antennas was very good.  The 40 was somewhat modified, but thats'
> another story.  After a year or so a strong wind came through
> and the 402 was rotated on the mast about 20 degrees with respect
> to the 204.  The vswr was radically changed in both resonant
> point and minimum value.  Also, it seemed that it didn't play
> well.  The 204 was un changed.  I would guess there is a 40
> meter resonance in the 204 that nulls when the booms are lined
> up.

I have a KT34XA at 85' and a 40-2CD at 70'.  The 40 is side mounted on 
the tower.  Thus both antennas can be rotated independently.  Tower is 
Rohn 25 with guy sets at 22', 44', 66', and 70' (3/16" cable broken with egg 
insulators every 9').  Both antennas work fine and their respective SWR 
curves look almost exactly like those shown in their respective manuals.
Holding one antenna in a fixed position and rotating the other has a slight 
effect on SWR's, maybe 0.3 SWR units max change at the point of worst 
interaction on the most affected band.  Don't remember alignment(s) where 
this occurred but checked it all out thoroughly 4 years ago when it all 
went up and interaction is not a problem.

Don N7EF

> Don't know if any are still in use, but 20 years ago there were
> a lot of very successful stations in the FRC using a 402 over
> a TH-6.  
> George, W2VJN.

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