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Mon Jul 17 00:17:17 EDT 1995

SquINT Contest - July 16, 1995
KA9FOX (at W9UP), Wisconsin
Op:  Adam Breyer, Age 9, favorite color:  Purple

52 QSOs x 11 unique colors = 1,144 points

I know what you're thinking... "Scott, you're suppose to get MARRIED... then
HAVE KIDS... and THEN do the contest!!"  Well, my "kid" was actually my
fiancee's 9-year-old nephew, Adam.  This was his first live exposure to ham
radio (I just couldn't bring myself to show him how repeaters work).

He seems to be a natural contester.  After we tuned around for 5 minutes, he
said, "Why don't we just call out?"  Exactly.  We parked at 14.270 for the
rest of the contest, netting 52 QSOs (25 with kids) and 11 unique colors
('hot pink' is a separate multiplier from just 'pink', right?).

Highlight:  Adam really wanted to talk to someone in Hawaii, because his
father goes there yearly for Naval Reserves.  I explained that it wasn't
likely, but we'd sure try.  When things slowed up during the second hour, I
swung the beam west.  Sure enough, on his 3rd or 4th CQ, AH6LO called in, and
they had a nice QSO. 

Lowlight:  Propagation.  Yuck!

This SquINT thing is fantastic and Adam really had a blast and can't wait
until the next one.
73 - Scott, KA9FOX
e-mail:  ka9fox at aol.com
web:  www.infoanalytic.com/ka9fox/

>From oo7 at astro.as.utexas.edu (Derek Wills)  Mon Jul 17 04:55:01 1995
From: oo7 at astro.as.utexas.edu (Derek Wills) (Derek Wills)
Date: Sun, 16 Jul 1995 22:55:01 -0500
Subject: Blank pages in latest NCJ

	Did anyone else notice white (blank) pages in the latest NCJ.
	-Dave KM3T

That's for the SquINT particpants to color during slow times...

Or perhaps you paid the higher rate for "no ads"...   I pay the
lowest rate and mine was fine -

Derek AA5BT, G3NMX
oo7 at astro.as.utexas.edu

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