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Mon Jul 17 08:24:51 EDT 1995

Rob, ND3A did the most operating, I drove, set-up and did 
general tech support!  We planned on six sites, but only made
5:  got good sleep, though!

Grid   6M:Q/grid 2M:Q/grid 220:Q/grid 432:Q/grid 1296:Q/grid
FN10   12/7         19/8         5/5            11/5         5/3
FN00   10/8           7/5         1/1             2/2          1/1
FM09   14/7         11/5         4/2             7/4          3/2
FM08   23/7         14/5         3/2             9/4          3/2
FM18   9/4           14/6         3/2             7/3          4/2
Totals 210 QSOs, 586 pts., 105 mults=61,530 claimed
My goal is usually 1 QSO per mile.  We were about .5!

We found that it takes longer to setup with 2, about twice as long
as 1!  Murphy got us once, a tree caught our "stack" while driving
and repairs cost us 90 minutes Sunday morn.  The WX was very
beautiful:  worth the drive!  

GPS invalidated my favorite FM18 site.  We found another just a
few hundred feet up the road, but I must apologize to the many who
have contacted me from there:  I was just over the border in FM08,
but you can't tell from the map! The road leaving the new site crosses
private land, and we had to turn back: the extra time cost us the
chance to operate from a sixth site...

Activity was sparse except for 6M e-skip.  Our 6M set-up was
marginal, and we should have known better!  We did work several
West Coast stations, midwest and Florida, which was fun.

See you in August and September.  We will modify our strategy
when the new scoring rules take effect, but who knows what we
will try!!

>From Robert Penneys <penneys at brahms.udel.edu>  Mon Jul 17 12:46:57 1995
From: Robert Penneys <penneys at brahms.udel.edu> (Robert Penneys)
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 1995 07:46:57 -0400
Subject: Skwint
Message-ID: <199507171146.HAA17224 at brahms.udel.edu>

Well, was it an authorized non-contest, or what? Where are the on-line

I have wanted to get my kids on this for the last year, but I usually work
on Saturday at yon ham radio store, and the kids are not really interested.
They are the reason I got back in this hobby anyway, having first been a ham
in fifth grade, then off for almost thirty years.

Seeing this did not conflict with with everyone's schedules, I invited the
kids to have any friends join them...or else I would import a kid! It worked,
they managed to give the phonetic alphabet a token once-over, and spent part
of an hour on radio. Their attention level rivaled mine, and they did a lot
of very funny and heretical things at the mike ("Three operators now standing
by for your call") and made me very proud.

Anyway, pseudonym ELMO, age 12, color RED, 17 Qs, 7 colors.

First time I turned on a radio at home since April, and a storm had just 
smashed down half the driven element on the triband-plus-40, and everything
you touched was hot.....just like when I was a kid!!

Tnx all and let's keep'em for Sunday PM or evening.


Bob Penneys, WN3K           Internet:  penneys at brahms.udel.edu
      Frankford Radio Club    N.E.R.D.S.

>From Tony Brock-Fisher <fisher at hp-and.an.hp.com>  Mon Jul 17 14:45:46 1995
From: Tony Brock-Fisher <fisher at hp-and.an.hp.com> (Tony Brock-Fisher)
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 1995 09:45:46 -0400
Subject: Blank pages in latest NCJ
Message-ID: <9507171345.AA22558 at hp-and.an.hp.com>

Dave KM3T writes:
"Did anyone else notice white (blank) pages in the latest NCJ.

...I think the SSTV'ers have gone too far this time!

-Tony, K1KP, fisher at hp-and.an.hp.com

>From alan at ES.COM (Alan Brubaker)  Mon Jul 17 14:58:19 1995
From: alan at ES.COM (Alan Brubaker) (Alan Brubaker)
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 1995 07:58:19 -0600
Subject: AP Sprint and Kids' Sprint/Squint...
Message-ID: <199507171358.HAA03876 at greely.corp.ES.COM>

AP Sprint - K6XO, Single operator, Low power, 20 meters single band/got up too late for 40...

16 QSOs, 11 Multipliers = 176 Claimed score.


Kids' sprint/squint...

This was Darryl's (our #1 son) first contest. He was reluctant and less than thrilled
about it, but he was willing to try it out for awhile. Maybe we have set the record for
the oldest "kid". He was sending 24, but he is really 26, nearly 27. The world's oldest
teenager, I say. Big Beavis and Butthead fan - need I say more? Oh, the score?

K6XO   Darryl  24  Purple  Utah

13 QSOs,  6 Colors  =  78   Time on: 1 hour.

Sounds like the kids had fun.

Alan, K6XO

alan at es.com

Batteries not included - some assembly required...

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