visit to florida

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Mon Jul 17 08:59:36 EDT 1995

I will be attending the national baseball tournament for 14 yr olds in Coco
Florida from Aug. 4-11.  Are there any contesters in the area?  Is anyone planning a NAQP effort? 
Ralph Bellas 

>From H. Ward Silver" <hwardsil at  Mon Jul 17 16:20:51 1995
From: H. Ward Silver" <hwardsil at (H. Ward Silver)
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 1995 08:20:51 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: N0AX Squint Results
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9507170851.B8847-a100000 at>

Hi all - our first SQUINT, although not the first contest, of course. 
About 55 QSOs with 10 or eleven different colors...who's counting?  That
means that I haven't printed out the log yet...hi!

Watchword for the day, "Do you want to talk with my brother?"

Snappiest exchange: Kendra at wasted words, just like Pop!

Sanppiest operator: a tie between Lindsay at AA5BT and Al at K1CC

Best color - Teal (Christie at N3SW?)

Highest age - 80, youngest - 5

Best rate during QSO with K0OD's pair...sorta confusing, but everybody
went away happy.  I'm lining up a Phone SS multi-single with kids and
grown-ups alike.  It will be chaos, but a lot of fun.

When's the next one?

73, Ward N0AX

>From junger at (John Unger)  Mon Jul 17 16:39:02 1995
From: junger at (John Unger) (John Unger)
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 95 11:39:02 EDT
Subject: stubs
Message-ID: <9507171539.AA05284 at>

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but we've never considered
stubs on our FD antennas before, now this ongoing discussion has
me interested.  But...  exactly how are these stubs connected
to the rig/antenna systmem?  Is it simply a T-connector on the
rig with one side to the antenna and the other to the stub?

tnx es 73 - John, W3GOI

>From Douglas S. Zwiebel" <0006489207 at  Mon Jul 17 17:16:00 1995
From: Douglas S. Zwiebel" <0006489207 at (Douglas S. Zwiebel)
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 95 11:16 EST
Subject: Hams get credit
Message-ID: <70950717161607/0006489207PK5EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

Hi All....I found this piece about INTERNET, broadcast by NY4 office of
MCI, to be of particular interest to HAMS (and maybe contesters?), since
it cites HAMS as the source of all this technology.  I think it's
exciting to see HAMS given credit by a large commercial firm (see
paragraph IV).  I have written permission from MCI to use it, which
I requested first.  The only PROVISO is that we list their copyright
statement, fax, phone, and E-mail addresses.  ENJOY! Doug/KR2Q

   No. 51                    July 1995            Oppenheimer Software
                        Interactive Edition     
                    copyright OPPENHEIMER SOFTWARE 1995
   It looks like a simple word - something to do with computers or
   something like that, and from the most simplistic perspective, that
   definition suffices.  
   However, like the invention of the telephone or television,
   Internet goes way beyond simply being a technology that pushes
   electrons from one place to another.  Internets impact on society
   and societies impact on Internet are forcing them to co-evolve
   Back in the 1970's, the designers of the Internet (one of whom was
   later to become one of MCI Mails designers) sought to create a
   communications network to let the military communicate with major
   educational institutions and research facilities.  Of particular
   importance was the loosely structured organization of the Internet
   which was intended to survive even if part of the network was
   demolished by nuclear war.  
   Also back in the 1970's, personal computers first came to the
   market, and were viewed as cute "toys" with names like Pet, Apple,
   Elf and Northstar.  Their software was limited in scope, crude by
   today's standards and often challenging to use.  People never
   expected that these devices originally designed by HAM radio users
   would end up in consumers homes and offices. 
   In the 1980's, Internet continued to grow from a few hundred
   connected computers (hosts) in 1981 to almost 200,000 by the end of
   the decade.  IBM had introduced their PC and other reasonably
   priced powerful PCs soon followed.  
   Now, in the mid 1990's, with PCs having become a standard home and
   office appliance, Internet connecting over 5 million hosts and
   popular features like the World Wide Web becoming available through
   browser software packages, a critical mass has been reached.  
   Public awareness of the Internet has increased to the extent that
   major weekly news magazines dedicate a page to the "Net", and
   seeing someones Internet address on a business card, or an
   advertisement with a "HTTP://" URL in is increasingly common.
   Today, internetMCI lets you reach a world of information directly
   from your PC.  Looking for the Treaty of Versailles?  Its there. 
   Looking for a copy of the local newspaper in Halifax Nova Scotia?
   Its there.  Looking to *listen* to National Public Radio?  Looking
   for investment guidance, or works of art, or to see the Earth as it
   would be viewed from the moon?  Its there.
   If you have a 386 PC with Windows, a 9600 baud or faster modem (and
   multimedia capabilities if you want to listen to NPR), you too can
   be there.
   Democracy requires an educated populace and Internet is positioned
   to act as a great equalizer in our society.  For the first time,
   everyone with access to a PC has access to the same information -
   regardless of where it is.  You don't need to travel to Washington
   DC to visit the Library of Congress - Internet brings it to your
   No one is quite sure of where Internet will take us in the future,
   (or where we will take Internet for that matter), but its clear
   that whatever the Information Superhighway is, we are already on

 |                   |                  |             |                 |\
 | Gary Oppenheimer  | Sales Office     |212-724-9785 |MCI ID:218-0241  | |
 | Carol Hayes       | Customer Support |301-371-7460 |MCI ID:234-9875  | |
 | MCI Mail NY4      | Fax Number       |212-787-2416 |                 | |
 | New account registration fax number  |800-I-WANT-MCI                 | |
 |___________________|__________________|_____________|_________________| |

PS....before you flame away about the COMMERCIAL nature of this piece, I
did "clear it first" with WN4KKN and said, "POST IT."  Now you can flame Doug  KR2Q

>From John-Warren at (John Warren, NT5C)  Mon Jul 17 18:19:52 1995
From: John-Warren at (John Warren, NT5C) (John Warren, NT5C)
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 1995 12:19:52 -0500
Subject: SSTVers lose one to the Good Guys
Message-ID: <1406138953-16755701 at BANJO.EASY.COM>

I think all Contesters/DXers will appreciate this one...

5A1A arrived on 20ssb, and the pileup started.  QSX 14205 and up, up and up!
Sure enough the callers stepped on 14230, and the SSTVers lunged to the
attack, just like fire-ants. Very quickly they had 14195 absolutely
blanketed by noise.
Unfortunately for them, 5A1A was on 14202, operating just fine thank you!

                                                    73, John, NT5C.

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