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Mon Jul 17 17:30:15 EDT 1995

K1ZX sez:

>>NOT!....don't totally rule out 40 as a day band - some very good rates can
>>be had there during domestic contests during the daylight hours.

And don't rule out 10M & 15M as "night bands", especially in the summer.
 These bands have consistently provided 100+ hours well past midnight (due to
E skip) in just about every Field Day in which I have participated in my ham
radio career.

73,  Gator   ---------------------------;--;<<   N5RZ   N5RZ at

>From Hsu, Aaron" <ATHSU at  Mon Jul 17 21:42:00 1995
From: Hsu, Aaron" <ATHSU at (Hsu, Aaron)
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 95 13:42:00 PDT
Subject: W6BAB FD Scores (plus IFDC) - quite late!
Message-ID: <300ACBF1 at>

W6BAB - QSO Club of Pasadena City College
Operating from Warm Springs U.S. Forest Service Repeater Site
(Former Fire Lookout Tower before a BIG fire, HI)
Overlooking Lake Castaic, CA

Call: W6BAB
ARRL Class: 2A           IFDC Category: Multi-Two
Section:    LAX

160     0    0
80    103   33
40    228   50
20    162   97
15    204   44
10      0   36
6       0    7
2       2   34
PKT     3  ---


702 CW QSO  x 2 Pts = 1404 QSO Pts
301 SSB QSO x 1 Pts =  301 QSO Pts

1705 QSO pts x 2 Mult (less than 150 Watts) = 3410 QSO pts

Bonus Points: 430
     Emergency Power
     Packet Radio
     W1AW Message
     VHF/UHF Station
     3 ARRL Members (10 pts each)

Total ARRL Field Day Points:  3850

IFDC Claimed Score:
76 Sections Worked x 3410 Pts = 259,160 pts
(Does anybody ever work from NWT/Yukon???)


And several other participants.

     Drake T4/R4 HF Transmitter/Receiver
     Yaesu FT-101B HF Transceiver
     Kenwood TS-700 2M All Mode
     Yaesu FT-5100 2M/70cm FM Transceiver
     AEA PK-232MBX TNC
     Cushcraft A3S Tri-Band Beam
     40M & 80M Dipoles

>From Eugene Walsh <0004504465 at>  Mon Jul 17 21:51:00 1995
From: Eugene Walsh <0004504465 at> (Eugene Walsh)
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 95 15:51 EST
Subject: Kids Contest and AP Sprint
Message-ID: <24950717205142/0004504465PK4EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

A/P Sprint was fun, but only really lasted for about 
30 minutes from here.   12 QSOs   9 Mults = SCORE 108
With full pwr might have worked a few more.

                   CQ KIDS CONTEST          
This was a truly great experience! (For me, anyway)
I was never able to interest my grandchildren
in this before, but this time I got them to listen.  
The 3 year old grabbed the mike to tell KA9FOX 
(Adam) his name, and we were off!
           Ryan (Age 3 yrs -pronounced "Free") stayed 
           for 2 QSOs and 10 minutes before he hit 
           the trail.
           Sean (Age 6 yrs) stuck it out for 40
           minutes and 13 QSOs before he split.
           He did allow, later, that he had a 
           good time; he liked calling CQ and 
           2having someone call in.  He also 
           was counting states!  These are good 
           The highlight was having Adam, son
           of K1CC, actually strike up a 
           conversation about school and stuff.
           Sean was quite shy, but next time better.
Mr. Able's stature with XYL and daughters in-law has
soared to new heights. 
Would dearly like to know how Chuck, K0RF, got his 
6 year old to sit still for 40 QSOs.  Any lull in
the action and he was ready to summon the
I have no idea what to do with this little log,
if anything, but it was really a fun time.
That is the second brilliant idea that Tree has
had regarding activities (The first being the 
sprINT!).  What next?
73 Gene N2AA           
PS. Have I shown you pictures of my grandchildren?
    I have some right here with me.

>From Steve Runyon WQ5G  512-838-7008 <steve at>  Mon Jul 17 23:21:33 1995
From: Steve Runyon WQ5G  512-838-7008 <steve at> (Steve Runyon WQ5G 512-838-7008)
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 95 16:21:33 -0600
Subject: Squint Contest
Message-ID: <9507172121.AA25378 at>

We had a fun while our op lasted (unfortunately, toward the end 
a friend came over wanting to play Nintendo and the lure proved irrestible
for a confirmed Nintendo junkie!)

Op: David
19 QSOs, only 8 colors though 
age range 5 1/2 (very definite on that one-half!) to 62

Purple seemed to very popular, along with blue, red and pink (3 of each!)
Teal was good, and we also liked Adam's (MD) choice of flourescent orange.
Most popular name: Adam - 3 of them also.

Kendra was doing great, and a couple of the Adams were zooming along too 
(CT and WI). And Chantelle from the Bahamas seemed to be getting over 
her mike shyness pretty quickly!

All in all, a great time - next time David's little sister has decided 
she wants to get in on the fun also!

Oh, yeah - we DID wonder a bit after the QSO with Darryl (24?? did we 
get that right?)

David and Steve at WQ5G

>From John Dorr K1AR" <p00259 at  Mon Jul 17 23:35:02 1995
From: John Dorr K1AR" <p00259 at (John Dorr K1AR)
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 95 17:35:02 -0500
Subject: 1995 CQ Contest Survey
Message-ID: <3015102788.0.p00259 at>

Here's the final version of this year's CQ Contest Survey. Feel free to 
give it a shot and send you answers back to me. If you prefer, the 
hard-copy version will run in the September issue. Thanks...
73 John, K1AR

                   1995 CQ Magazine Contest Survey 

Your Callsign (optional): 



1)   What aspect of your station is in most need of technical
     improvements or new products?

2)   What changes in your contest strategies (station design,
     operating, antennas) have resulted from the current sunspot
3)   Do you currently use a computer in your contest shack?
     A)   If yes, please answer the following (if more than one, list
          the fastest/biggest):
          CPU type        Operating System        Disk Capacity    
     B)   If yes, for what functions other than contest logging do
          you use your computer (check all that apply):
          Packet    VFO/Radio Interface      Rotor Interface
          Daily Logging  QSLing    Antenna Modeling    E-Mail

4)   Please list your Top-5 favorite contests in order of interest:

5)   Do you think that contesters show any more/less regard for their
     fellow "on-the air" hams than other operating groups (e.g.,
     DXers, net operators, etc.)?
     YES  NO

6)   Outside of contesting, what other areas of amateur radio do you
     actively participate in?
7)   How would you rank your abilities in the following categories
     (be honest!):
     a) Operating:  Outstanding Good    Average   Poor
     b) Computers:  Outstanding Good    Average   Poor
     c) Technical:  Outstanding Good    Average   Poor
     d) Mechanical: Outstanding Good    Average   Poor

8)   In a few words, describe your most memorable contest
9)   Briefly describe something that someone you know (or yourself)
     has contributed in the past 12 months to positively impact the
     sport of contesting.
10)  What do you consider the main reason(s) larger numbers of new
     contesters are not entering into our ranks?
Additional comments:

Return your survey responses to:
1995 Contest Survey
c/o CQ Communications, 76 N. Broadway, Hicksville, NY 11801
Deadline: November 30, 1995

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