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Mon Jul 17 18:51:28 EDT 1995

Posting this for Greg, K8GL.  His totals for IARU (Single Op, CW Only) are:
1150 Qs x 141 Mults = Total score approx. 596K.

For Greg, K8GL

>From Rich L. Boyd" <rlboyd at CapAccess.org  Mon Jul 17 23:18:36 1995
From: Rich L. Boyd" <rlboyd at CapAccess.org (Rich L. Boyd)
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 1995 18:18:36 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: More SO vs SOA
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91-FP.950717181510.13184F-100000 at cap1.capaccess.org>

I hope someday enough people with big stations and big operating skills 
will also be in SOA that it will have comparable status to SO.

SOA doesn't have to be any less hard work than SO.  If an SOA station 
manned by an operator with top-10 SO skills was operated a full 48, 
really worked hard, as hard as any SO, the SOA score should be 
comparable to the top 10 SO scores, or better.  If a comparable number of 
SOAs are worked as hard as SOs, the prestige of either should someday 

The SOA has more decision-making inputs and tools.  They could be 
considered crutches but aren't necessarily so.

Rich Boyd KE3Q

>From Rich L. Boyd" <rlboyd at CapAccess.org  Mon Jul 17 23:36:21 1995
From: Rich L. Boyd" <rlboyd at CapAccess.org (Rich L. Boyd)
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 1995 18:36:21 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: More SO vs SOA
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91-FP.950717183128.13184K-100000 at cap1.capaccess.org>

I agree, low power and single band would be a sensible entry point to 
contesting.  Most newcomers probably go all band though, because they hop 
around working whatever, picking up new DXCC countries wherever they can 
be found, etc.  It may be another notch up the knowledge ladder to 
realize there is such a thing as a single band entry and to realize you 
can be competitive even when you're a beginner or have a more modest 
station.  Many newer contesters are surprised when they win a certificate 
"by accident" for something like this.

SO may require the most knowledge to be competitive, "stand alone," with 
the band change knowledge, etc. in your head.  SOA prompts you to band 
openings, etc.  But...that's where the SOA skill and knowledge come 
in...to know what to do with that additional information, whether to 
chase all over the bands grabbing those mults, or to keep CQing at high 
rate.  I don't thing the upper reaches of SOA skills have yet been 
charted.  K3WW I suppose is the benchmark who has been coming closest to 
doing so, and his hardware may be somewhat more modest than the top SO 
stations.  I'm not convinced that SO inherently requires more skills and 
hard work than SOA...just that the skills are somewhat different...and 
there have been more SO guys pushing the envelope than there have been 
SOA guys.

Rich Boyd KE3Q

>From Rich L. Boyd" <rlboyd at CapAccess.org  Mon Jul 17 23:48:34 1995
From: Rich L. Boyd" <rlboyd at CapAccess.org (Rich L. Boyd)
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 1995 18:48:34 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: KA9FOX - SquINT Results
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91-FP.950717184653.13184O-100000 at cap1.capaccess.org>

The Squint sounds great!  Also not having any kids of my own that have 
agreed to admit I'm their father (or their mothers have), I asked my 
nieces and nephews last time and none of them got real excited or could 
fit it in with their schedules of soccer, softball, tap dancing, piano, 
etc., so I didn't even try this time.  May make another attempt, tho!!

Rich Boyd KE3Q

>From Jeff Singer <k0od at MO.NET>  Tue Jul 18 01:12:13 1995
From: Jeff Singer <k0od at MO.NET> (Jeff Singer)
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 1995 19:12:13 -0500
Subject: SquINT
Message-ID: <199507180012.TAA14116 at Walden.MO.NET>

   Did a Multi-op SquINT this time. Andy, age 10 and a veteran of the last 
SquINT, was joined by brother Scott, age 7. As the contest opened, KV4FZ was 
conducting an oration on 14.300 and I was tempted to have Scott call CQ SquINT 
there for the whole 2 hours.

 [begin excuses:] Conditions were poor and only had dipoles on 20.

   Anyway, Scott (red) ended up with 14 QSOs, 10 states, and 7 colors.
           Andy (green) had 15 QSOS,  13 states,  and 8 colors.

   We had excellent propagation into parts of the country where the kids like 
green and purple. Only had a short opening into the trendier mellon, hot pink 
and teal-liking regions. Missed some rare mults from the last test: black and 
   Despite the short notice, SquINT activity was pretty good...better than I 
thought it would be, but less than last time. As usual, the kids had a hoot. 
Let's do this again soon. But next time, announce the SquINT far in advance.
       Jeff K0OD  St. Louis, MO  USA
            e-mail:   k0od at mo.net

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