BIP-BOP switches

K8DO at K8DO at
Wed Jul 19 13:33:39 EDT 1995

DO NOT DO IT.... Do not even think about it....  :>)
Coax is unbalanced line... Cross connecting the inner conductor to the outer
braid will cause currents/radiation on the outside of the line, which is
undesireable to the extreme....This will customize a big gun array into a
little pistol, pronto...
Further, simply switching in/out a quarter/half wave of line rarely, if ever,
gives you the phasing you think you are getting... I strongly recommend that
you purchase three books...
1.  There is an excellent discussion of this subject in the current ARRL
Antenna Handbook, authored by W7EL...Look in the section on multi element
2. The next book you need is the latest book on Low Band Dxing by John -
3. The final book you need is HF Antennas for All Locations, by Moxon - G6XN 
 I strongly suggest that you read on this subject, so that the advice you get
from this forum is understandable....

If you have questions, drop them to me directly and I will do my best to
discuss the subject, with the proviso, that there are far better antenna
gurus on here, than I....

Cheers ... Denny     K8DO at AOL.COM

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