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Wed Jul 19 11:37:53 EDT 1995

I am not sure if it this is the place to ask this question but since I
saw the note regarding the Kenwood repair shop I will proceed and ask the
question ....is there anybody who is a repair expert on the IC-765?
I prefer to fix the radio myself, my problem is in the IF shift ckt. When
the IF shift is off the signal is attenuated?? Yes "off" ??

I have an IC-765 and am wanting to get it up to snuff so I can use it with
my IC-781 for a 2 radio set up.

Also where can I get a list of the mods for the IC-765..I have the
flier from LTA but I am sure there are more.
Are there any mods for the IC-781 that are useful for contesting ??

The new pin diodes seem to help the 765/781 both, what is the general feeling
are they helpful ???

The only other comment I have is regarding zoning...don't give the zoning
commission the packet from the league without screening it first...we have
some very zealous no coders and they are excited about a 65 foot limit....

"RIGHT" for the bottom antenna maybe.....I called the league for some help
and the guy I talked to was SOOO excited about getting 65 feet.He thought that
was great!  Again for the lower antenna but not overall tower height.

I have been talking with our zoning commission and they are informed
beyond their ability to comprehend...our no code guys were handling all
the negation's and since none of them have a tower, or feel like a 50 foot
tower would reach the Heavens what is my problem they says..Usually the
veins in my neck are so bulged I have trouble talking for a few minutes...

I am a poor typist ..when I went to school instead of taking typing or
something useful I was across the street smoking...(later quit)

If you have any comments call me at work or home and I will call u back
Thank you kindly for reading this..
SAM EFFINGER K9SD H=1-618-466-5720  W-1-618-255-2293

                      "MR SAFETY"

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