Srockn4sr at Srockn4sr at
Tue Jul 25 22:11:27 EDT 1995

Lots of responses were to ask me to make public the results of my questions
concerning the Force12 antennas.

Without exception, everybody indicated that the force 12 antennas were
excellant.  There were no negative reports.  The only negative thing that was
expressed was that sometimes it took a while to get the antenna.  I guess
demand is pretty high.  My particular intrest was in the comparrison of the
Force 12  model C-3 to a TH-6 or TH-7.  From what I could determine, the C-3
is equal to, or slightly better than the TH6/7.  This is amazing considering
it's boom length is only 18 feet.  

Thanks to everyone who responded to my request for FORCE 12 info.  I might
also add that I sent email to the force12 folks and received an immediate and
very informative reply.  Sounds to me like these folks have their act

73 Steve N4SR

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