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Tue Jul 25 22:25:36 EDT 1995

I have now gotten a lot of good info on the Force 12 antennas.  There is a
Hygain antenna that was highly publisized when it first came on the market,
but very few seem to use them, or at least you don't hear much about them.
 Is anybody using the TH-11 and if so how do you like it.  If I get any
responses to this I will post the results for all to see.
thanks  Steve N4SR

>From joe.ham at (Joe Ham)  Tue Jul 25 06:37:35 1995
From: joe.ham at (Joe Ham) (Joe Ham)
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 1995 05:37:35 GMT
Subject: force-12 ants
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I have used Th-6's, TH-7's, Explorer 14's , A-3's and A-4's and now use
a Force 12 C-3.  The C-3 is BY FAR the best at the same height as the
aforementioned.  It is a "quiet" antenna, and the closest to a
monobander I've ever used.  I seldom have problems in a pileup.  I can
only attribute some of those virtues to the fact that it is "trapless"
and uses full size elements.  I also, recently, put up a Force 12 2
element 40 meter monobander.  Won't have a great evaluation of it till
next contest season, but thus far am impressed with F/B and F/S.

Still on the ground, hopefully to be up before next contest season is a
Force 12 80 meter rotatable dipole.

Hope this helps.


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