RTTY Reflector in Operation!

WF1B at ids.net WF1B at ids.net
Sat Jun 10 00:20:42 EDT 1995

Thanks to AD1C!

The wf1b-rtty reflector is now operational, we've had a few early adopters
online and its working great.  Topics are RTTY (the mode), RTTY
and RTTY(the program).

Send a subscribe message to the address below in the sig.

73, Ray

  Wyvern Technology, Inc.                            Ray Ortgiesen, WF1B
  35 Colvintown Road                      http://ids.net/~wf1b/home.html
  Coventry, RI 02816-8509                E-Mail preferred:  wf1b at ids.net
  (401) 823-RTTY                         E-Mail alternate:    73750,2177
  RTTY Contest Reflector: wf1b-rtty-request at eng.pko.dec.com

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