JPontek at JPontek at
Thu Jun 22 14:25:25 EDT 1995

In 38 years as a ham,  I've been hit three times.  Each time I was,  I had
either been lax or had not completed the grounding.  I do not believe good
grounding attracts lightening. It's just a poker draw on when or if you get
hit,  the objective in commercial radio installations is to minimize the
damage, and I have many, 118 last count.

jpontek at

>From jesposit at (Joe Esposito)  Thu Jun 22 18:56:00 1995
From: jesposit at (Joe Esposito) (Joe Esposito)
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 95 13:56 EDT
Subject: Natan, W6XR
Message-ID: <m0sOqUH-0003NeC at>

Natan, W6XR,

I lost your internet address. Please send me a message if you see
this. TNX.

Joe, K2YJL/M

>From John Dorr K1AR" <p00259 at  Thu Jun 22 19:26:41 1995
From: John Dorr K1AR" <p00259 at (John Dorr K1AR)
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 95 13:26:41 -0500
Subject: Call for 1995 CQWW Trophy Donors
Message-ID: <3012927804.0.p00259 at>

The time has come, in anticipation of the upcoming 1995 contest
season, to update and replace open trophy donor slots for the CQ WW
contest. The current openings are as follows:


Single Op./Single Band 1.8 MHz - World
Single Op./Single Band 21 MHz - USA
Single Op./Single Band 3.8 MHz - Europe
Single Op./Single Band 1.8 MHz - Europe
Single Op./Under 21 Years Old - World
Multi-Single - Africa
Multi-Single - South America
Multi-Single - Asia


Single Op./All Band - Carib./C.A.
Single Op./All Band - Asia
Single Op./Single Band 28 MHz - USA
Single Op./Single Band 3.5 MHz - USA
Single Op./Single Band 28 MHz - Europe
Single Op./Under 21 Years Old - World
Multi-Single - South America
Multi-Single - Asia

The cost to sponsor a CQ trophy is $50 per year. Some of the
recently available categories are very attractive, so I'll be
assigning donors on a first-come, first-served basis. Going
forward, you'll receive a notice from me when payment is due in
subsequent years.

In addition, I've received a few requests for more specialized
categories. While we're open to some of the suggestions I've heard,
I want to first fill up the "mainstream" slots before we entertain
new categories.

If you are interested in getting involved, send me a message via return
E-mail or call me direct at CQ (516-681-2922). Thanks!

73, John, K1AR
p00259 at

>From barry at (Barry Kutner)  Wed Jun 21 16:07:08 1995
From: barry at (Barry Kutner) (Barry Kutner)
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 95 15:07:08 GMT
Subject: exploding bases
Message-ID: <Leu27c1w165w at>

"Stankiewicz, Warren,  NF1J" <wstankiewi at> writes:

> I wonder though--if lightning hit a recently poured base, where there was 
> still a fair amount of water involved, couldn't that water turn into steam 
> and then cause the "exploding base" phenomenon?

Gee, I would hope that whoever was installing a tower would have the 
sense to wait until the base solidified before building up the tower!

According to the Polyphaser book (which should be mandatory reading for 
anyone with a tower), the exploding base theory just doesn't hold water 
(pun intended). Also, concrete absorbs water quickly and gives it up 
slowly. Witha ll the lime and other minerals in the concrete, it is a 
GOOD conductor when moist. Of course, if you live in the desert, this 
doesn't apply.


Barry N. Kutner, W2UP       Internet: barry at
Newtown, PA                 Packet Radio: W2UP @ WB3JOE.#EPA.PA.USA.NA
                            Packet Cluster: W2UP >WB2R (FRC)

>From Bruce Sawyer <bsawyer at>  Thu Jun 22 23:46:15 1995
From: Bruce Sawyer <bsawyer at> (Bruce Sawyer)
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 1995 14:46:15 -0800
Subject: Attention CA County Hunters
Message-ID: <sfe983d0.079 at>

Working on the WACC ("Worked all California
Counties") award?  If so, then here's a rare one
for you.  AA6MC and I will be class 1B in FD from
the Lake County/Colusa County line.  It's been
almost two years now since there was significant
HF activity from Colusa County; I still get QSL
requests in the mail from my last trip up there. 
If you need Colusa, look for us under my call. 
We shouldn't be hard to find at all!  

What's interesting about this location for FD
is that the Lake/Colusa county line is also the
line between the San Francisco and the Sacramento
Valley ARRL sections.  The base of our tower will
be within 5 feet of that line, so the beam
elements will straddle it.  We could conceivably
pass out SF/SV as a multiplier.  If there were
multipliers, that is...

>From Steve Sacco <0006901972 at>  Fri Jun 23 03:38:00 1995
From: Steve Sacco <0006901972 at> (Steve Sacco)
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 95 21:38 EST
Subject: Sources for "Grounds"...
Message-ID: <10950623023801/0006901972DC3EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

Several have asked for a source for 'The "Grounds" for Lightning and EMP

It is available from PolyPhaser Corporation, 
                                 2225 Park Place 
                                 P.O. Box 9000
                                 Minden, NV  89423

It is also available from Amateur Electronic Supply:
	Orlando, FL	800-894-3238
	Milwaukee, WI	800-358-0333
                   Las Vegas, NV	800-634-6227
	Wickliffe, OH	800-321-3594

I'd imagine that it's stocked in other stores, too; I'm just not aware of
who they might be.

Hope this helps...

Steve KC2X
ssacco at

>From becker at (Tony and Celia Becker)  Fri Jun 23 00:48:48 1995
From: becker at (Tony and Celia Becker) (Tony and Celia Becker)
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 1995 19:48:48 -0400
Message-ID: <199506230248.TAA10576 at>

Greetings fellow US and Canadian contesters.  Here is a NEW opportunity to
compete with the elite in a real CONTEST with real MULTIPLIERS and while
making a painless contribution to the future of contesting.  Dave, W6QHS, is
sponsoring two nifty awards and the two winning entries are *guaranteed* to
be the record holders! (at least until next year).

Be the first in your club to sport our special personalized Field Day Clean
Sweep BROOM and DUSTPAN.  This fully functional but souvenir sized memento
may be proudly displayed or used around the shack or field day site.  You
don't wanna think about being at the September meeting without yours.

Don't let those has-beens have all the fun!  Break out the bug spray, join
in this weekend and give it your best shot.  Our wire beams are gonna be
loaded with live Qs and those mults are out there to be bagged.

INTERNET FIELD DAY CHALLENGE (IFDC)   IFDC is a new, separate contest within
the ARRL FD event for expert contesters who either mentor new contesters or
just show them how it's done.  You can join in your local clubs existing
Field Day operation or go all out with your favorite multi-op buddies.  

SS-type multiplier scoring, no bonus points, and limited expert operator
time / entry categories make this a more challenging contest for the expert.
All other ARRL Field Day Rules apply.  You must submit a regular ARRL entry
in Class A or Class B including the 5W battery-powered option.  

No limit to the number of transmitters including Novice Stations nor any
limit on hours for New Operators.  Any number of Expert Operators (who have
won any major contest award) may operate one or two transmitters up to 27
hours (24 if you setup before the contest) each in increments of 15 minutes
minimum.  Enter as Multi-Single or Multi-Two respectively.  Time used by
experts coaching or assisting (not-operating) does not count.  

Packet spotting OK.  Work each station for scoring credit on each band/mode
but multipliers count once each only.  Multiply the regular ARRL Field Day
score, less any bonus points, by the IFDC multiplier which is the number of
ARRL and RAC sections plus NWT/Yukon worked.  A Clean Sweep is 77 sections,
for which there is a separate award.  E-mail a summary sheet, showing the
number of sections worked and separate lists of new operators and expert
operators, with expert operating times identified, number of transmitters
and their power levels, including any novice station to AE0M, Tony Becker,
becker at by midnight, PDT, Sunday, July 2, 1994.  Full rules
available at the same address.  

A summary of results will be posted on the internet cq-contest email
reflector and a full report will appear in the next issue of the National
Contest Journal.

A modest plaque will be awarded to the top scorers in M/S and M/2 classes.
Certificates will be sent to the top-scoring group in each section. A
personalized souvenir broom and dustpan (about 6" x 8") will be sent to each
group reporting a clean sweep, subject to receiving $5 to cover costs by
U.S. mail with a copy of the summary sheet to Celia Becker, N0BBS, 3273 B
Rocky Water Lane, San Jose, CA 95148.  Allow 6 weeks for delivery.  

IFDC was developed in consultation with W6QHS and WN4KKN.
AE0M, Tony Becker - becker at - Silicon Valley, U.S.A.

AE0M, Tony Becker - becker at - Silicon Valley, U.S.A.

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