IC-775DSP vs FT1000D ??

WillemaA at aol.com WillemaA at aol.com
Tue Jun 27 12:04:58 EDT 1995

Does anybody has anything on the new contest machine IC-775DSP.

Thanks 73 de Will,  KN6DV

>From al019 at freenet.hsc.colorado.edu> (D. R. Evans  Tue Jun 27 16:33:11 1995
From: al019 at freenet.hsc.colorado.edu> (D. R. Evans (D. R. Evans)
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 1995 09:33:11 -0600
Subject: Does K3EST QSL CQWW logs?
Message-ID: <199506271613.KAA01817 at spot.Colorado.EDU>

A while back, I received a request from Bob Cox, K3EST for my 1994 CQWWCW 

He provided two e-mail addresses, and I sent the log to one of the pair. I 
included (naturally) a request that he acknowledge receipt of the logs.

I heard nothing.

Since then I have sent two more requests for acknowledgement, to the other 
e-mail address. I still have heard nothing.

Has _anyone_ received any kind of acknowledgement from Bob in this or similar 

Reply by e-mail. I'm sure the rest of the list doesn't care.

D.R. Evans NQ0I / G4AMJ : devans at orion.colorado.edu
                          al019 at freenet.hsc.colorado.edu

"Palindor Chronicles" information and extracts:

>From Floydjr <floydjr at nando.net>  Tue Jun 27 17:20:14 1995
From: Floydjr <floydjr at nando.net> (Floydjr)
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 1995 12:20:14 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: FD Results and Question
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.90.950627120946.29848C-100000 at merlin.nando.net>

My FD Results:

Call: WA4ZXA
Section: NC
Categroy: SOLP
Class: 1D

Band       All SSB        Qso's        Pts
160                          0           0
 80                        268         568
 40                         52         104
 20                        412         824
 15                        308         616
 10                          9          18
  2                          1           2
                          1050        2100

All SSB  1050 X 2 (LP Multi) = 2100 pts

Had terrible thunderstorms come through here for the first two hours and 
around midnight. Could only work about 20 hours. Lightning totally 
destroyed a repeater less than two miles from here. 

FT 990
Wilson Sys One Tri-band Yagi
CT 9.23

My question is I looked in last years QST and the results. It showed some 
class 1D stations working as a class HP with 1600 q's and scoring over 
4000 pts. I do not see how they did it according to this years rules. Did I 
miss something or did the rules change. I was in hospital last year 
during FD and missed it. 

Thanks to everyone for the contacts and I wish to congrat and the 
operators as they did a real fine job with the FD.

73's Jim // WA4ZXA

>From jeffrey (j.) wittich" <jwittich at bnr.ca  Tue Jun 27 18:38:00 1995
From: jeffrey (j.) wittich" <jwittich at bnr.ca (jeffrey (j.) wittich)
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 1995 13:38:00 -0400
Subject: Station to station interference
Message-ID: <"3304 Tue Jun 27 13:43:28 1995"@bnr.ca>

I need help in solving a problem. Our Field Day group has grown from only
one station per band to two (CW & SSB). We had considerable interference
problems this past field day. Contributing factors:

 - all stations in 1000 foot diameter (FD rule)
 - all stations running <= 150 Watts  (FD rule)
 - some stations using non-resonnant antennas
 - some stations using Beam antennas

I know all FD sites have the same problem(s). I would like to know
how other FD groups have solved or bettered the situation.

Possible solutions are:
 - running 50 Watts power
 - using resonnant antennas
 - using bandpass filters (anbody know of good sources or designs?)
 - using a coaxial stub at the transceiver to act as either a bandpass
   of band-reject (any source of information on this would be helpfull)
 - a mix of vertical and horizontal antenna polarization
 - any other ideas ?

Jeff Wittich

Nortel/BNR RTP, NC (even though the Email addr says .ca)

(919) 991-4626  Voice

jwittich at bnr.ca

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