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Wed Mar 1 10:56:08 EST 1995

During the ARRL DX CW contest I had an interesting experience 
with a certain multi station from The Slovak Republic, which I 
won't name. I set up camp abt 1 khZ from him and could exist 
quite comfortably and maintain a nice rate. But, he couldn't. 
So, guess what he did?  He started sending MCW, that is he threw 
the rig into SSB and modulated it with a tone of some sort. 
Well, that generated sidebands that were audible plus or minus 
one to two kHZ from his center frequecny.  This was not my imagination, 
nor some defect with my RX.  He would alternate from pure CW to 
MCW depending on what I was doing to his rate.

Has anyone else confronted such frequency clearing tactics?

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>From Lee Hiers <0006701840 at>  Wed Mar  1 15:52:00 1995
From: Lee Hiers <0006701840 at> (Lee Hiers)
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 95 10:52 EST
Subject: CW Abbreviations Question?
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>From Dec. QST:

Rules, 1995 ARRL International DX Contest

6)  Contest Exchange:
     (A)  W/VE stations...send signal report and state or province.
     (B)  DX stations send signal report and power (3-digit number indicating
          approximate transmitter output power).



If one interprets the above excerpt from the rules to mean that cut numbers
are not allowed in the signal report and/or power, to be consistent, shouldn't
that person also interpret the rules to mean that the state/province name
cannot be abbreviated?

Next CW contest, I expect to hear a lot of "599 Massachusetts" exchanges!!
Gives the folks in Ohio an advantage, huh?

Guess that also means no more "Papa Alpha" on SSB when what is really meant is

My interpretation is that if the receiving station knows what is meant by
5NN GA or ENNATT or "FIVE-NINE-BEE-CEE", then the information has been
exchanged.  If not, the RX station should ask for a fill.


Weren't "cut" numbers originated by bug users?  Maybe even straight key users?
Not to save time necessarily, but to make it easier to send?  Also, aren't
the dahs in cut numbers supposed to be longer than the normal dah?  9 should
be daaaaaaah-dit rather than dah-dit I believe.  The only reason we hear all
the 5NNs should be because electronic keyers have a fixed (more or less) dah
to dit ratio and can't make a long dah....well, mine can, but it's an RFI
problem and not real predictable!  Sounds like long dahs should be an option
in future versions of TR, CT, NA, etc.!

73 de Lee AA4GA
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>From millersg at (Steve )  Wed Mar  1 16:16:17 1995
From: millersg at (Steve ) (Steve )
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 1995 11:16:17 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Numeric abbreviations
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> In 20 years of contesting, I've never heard "ENN" sent as an exchange.  "ATT"
> yes, but never "ENN".
> For crying out loud, how much difference do 4 dits make ?
> KR2J at

Let's see ---

At 40 wpm there are roughly 15 dits per second. If a carribean op makes 
4800 QSOs in a contest, then there is a difference of 19200 transmitted 
dits between the ENN and 5NN exchanges (assuming no repeats). Thus, the 5NN 
exchange transmissions are 21+ minutes longer than sending ENN over the 
course of the contest. This equates to 35 QSOs for a rate of 100/hour.
Slower sending speeds or higher rates increase the difference.

Hmmm - maybe I should adopt the A, U, V, 4, E, 6, B, D, N, T method to 
help my CW SS QSO totals for the serial number and check. Although I might 
freak out whoever I'm working when I send serial number T-E-N ;)

Steve Miller
millersg at
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