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Wed Mar 1 16:24:06 EST 1995

Pete, N4ZR writes:

>I don't know where I read it, but there's a precept in information theory
>about improving accuracy in the transmission of information by embedding
>it in a thoroughly-known matrix.  In other words, chances of information
>getting through are improved under "noisy" conditions if there is a
>"flag" just before the variable information that says "here it comes."
>My own experience suggests that the "599" in the ARRL or CQWW exchange is
>such a flag, and 5NN ditto, but ENN severely diminishes that value.  A
>somewhat more controversial case might be the use of "NR" before the
>number in an SS exchange, to get the receiving operator attuned to the
>fact that the exchange is about to begin.  What think?

I concur. Thats why in CQ Contest Survey I voted to keep
the "useless" 5NN. I find that this precept is exactly what is
needed for successful QSOs. I haven't said it in as eloquent terms
as you, but after years of contesting its the phrase I look for, 
especially when fatigued. It most definitely serves a useful
purpose. I think that by speeding up the 5NN actually reinforces
this fact and it increases intelligibility of the remainder of the 
exchange. Besides, its shaves a miniscule amount of time off each Q.

73 de Walt Kornienko  -   K2WK		Internet:   waltk at
DX PacketCluster:  K2WK > W3MM (FRC)    Packet:  K2WK at N2ERH.NJ.USA.NOAM

>From Linda Luther <Lbylll at>  Wed Mar  1 23:09:00 1995
From: Linda Luther <Lbylll at> (Linda Luther)
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 1995 17:09:00 -0600 (CST)
Subject: CQ 160 Metre Contest 1995
Message-ID: <2F5526F2 at>

                      CQ 160 METER CONTEST -- 1995

G'day from oz this is my score from last weekend.
First, a few special awards ....

Alligator Awards (All mouth and no ears) AB4XA, K0RW & IR4T
Awarded for not hearing my many many calls!!!

Fickle Finger of Fate Fast CQ's Award  WA7FAB (I couldn't
even say victor K in the inter CQ pause - even first two
wouldn't fit let alone last two or all five characters).
Never did work him and still needed OR at the end!

Conditions were good with varying openings on each day.
Surprisingly good was the opening on Sunday about 40 minutes
before my sunset. The band later seemed to die as the daylight
was moving over the middle USA (the black hole I guess!)
it then picked up again as the grey path reached the west
coast. West coast is especially good because by then they
are running out of other W's to work!! Hence less QRM and
they can hear me; actually got some responses to my CQ's
around 1430 Sunday.

      Call: VK5GN                    Country:  Australia
      Mode: SSB                      Category: Single Operator


     Totals     52     486      25       5    =   14,580

Equipment Description:

Icom 765, Commander HF1250, 400W PEP
Vertical top loaded 76ft, 1000ft beveridge for receive.

Take a look at the contest times 2200 to 1600. My openings to
Europe occurr around 2000 to 2100. THIS IS NOT A WORLD WIDE
CONTEST!!!!!!! It is a US/Europe contest!! The closing time
seems to have a remarkable correlation with when the sun sets
on the "good ole you ess of aaa ". A true World Wide
would be 0000z to 2400z everyone gets one go at every possible
grey line. I am not very excited about this as we are too far
from everywhere to make anything like a major score. However,
as a matter of principle it should not be advertised as a
world wide contest.

73 Martin VK5GN

>From Michael Mraz <mikemr at>  Wed Mar  1 13:56:22 1995
From: Michael Mraz <mikemr at> (Michael Mraz)
Date: Wed,  1 Mar 95 13:56:22 TZ
Subject: Favorite twin 3-500Z amp?
Message-ID: <9503012242.AA06386 at>

I'm trying to decide whether to build a twin 3-500Z amp that
meets my specs, or to buy a commercial one. What do you
think is the best twin 3-500Z amp on the market today?

Please email me directly. I'll do a quick summary next
week. Thanks!

73  Mike  N6MZ  mikemr at

>From Steve Sacco <0006901972 at>  Wed Mar  1 22:42:00 1995
From: Steve Sacco <0006901972 at> (Steve Sacco)
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 95 17:42 EST
Subject: A/B Transfer Switch Resolution
Message-ID: <32950301224223/0006901972DC6EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

begin 0644 mci_mail_binary_file
M1F]R(&%N>6]N92!I;G1E<F5S=&5D+"!)(&AA=F4 at 9FEN86QL>2!A<G)I=F5D
M(&%T(&$@<V]L=71I;VX at 9F]R('1H92 B02(O(D(B#0IR:6<O86YT96YN82!S
M="!B=6QB(B!L:6=H="!U<"!O=F5R(&UY(&AE860 at 86)O=70@='=O('=E96MS
M(&%G;RP at 87, at 20T*=V%S(&QO;VMI;F<@870 at 82!(96YR>2!2861I;R!A9"!F
M;W(@=&AE(%1O:'1S=:X at 8V]A>&EA;"!R96QA>7,@=&AE>2!C87)R>2P-"G=O
M;F1E<FEN9R!W:'D@=&AE>2!W97)E('=A<W1I;F<@=F%L=6%B;&4 at 861V97)T
M<V4@;6]R90T*:6YT97)E<W1I;F<N( T*#0I)('1H;W5G:'0@(G=E;&PL(&QE
M('1H:6YG(BX-"@T*4W5R92!E;F]U9V at L('1H97D at 9&ED(&EN9&5E9"!S=&]C
M(&QI='1L92!C<F]S<RUP;W)T(&IU;7!E<FEN9R!W:71H('-O;64 at 4D<R,315
M+"!A(&9E=R B5"(@8V]N;F5C=&]R<RP at 86YD(&$-"F-O;G1R;VP@:&5A9"!T
M;R!P<F]V:61E('1H92 Q,E8L(&%N9"!D;R!T:&4@(D$B("\@(D(B('-W:71C
M:&EN9RP at 86YD($DG;&P-"F)E(&EN(&)U<VEN97-S+B @#0H-"E1H:7,@<F5L
M87D@:7,@;6]D96P at 0U@M.# P32X@($ET(&ES(%9%4ED@;FEC96QY(&)U:6QT
M+B @22!G;W0@=&AE(&UO9&5L#0IW:71H(%-/+3(S.2!C;VYN96-T;W)S+B @
M8F]D>2!O9B!T:&4@<F5L87D at 9F5E;', at 86YD(&QO;VMS#0IL:6ME(&ET('=A
M<R!C=70@;W5T(&]F(&$@<V]L:60@<&EE8V4@;V8 at 86QU;6EN=6TN("!4:&5Y
M($-8+3 at P,$T@=VET:"!52$8-"F-O;FYE8W1O<G,@:7,@)#$X.2 H=&AE('9E
M<G-I;VX@=VET:"!.('1Y<&4 at 8V]N;F5C=&]R<R!W87,@;VX@<V%L92!F;W(-
M"F%B;W5T("0T,"!L97-S*2X-"@T*#0HW,RP-"@T*4W1E=F4 at 2T,R6 T*<W-A
L8V-O0&UC:6UA:6PN8V]M(" J3U(J#0IS<V%C8V] 871T;6%I;"YC;VT@("!$

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