80m ideas?

Sean E. Kutzko tigger at prairienet.org
Thu Mar 2 10:50:54 EST 1995

Hi, everyone-

A group of us will be in the ARRL DX contest this weekend...we're using it 
as a training run for the WPX Contest...we have a new operator who needs 
some real-time experience with CT and phone pileups.

We've also done some antenna work around here, which will open us to a 
new possibility: running stations on 80m. Since none of us have experience 
in that venture, we could use a few pointers concerning the band plan for 
DX, specifically Europe and Pacific. 4/5of us are active contesters, and 
all of us are Dx'ers, but we've never had any reason to work DX on 75 
phone, so we're all ignorant of the band plan (we all work CW on 80m).

Any advice for some folks new to 75 SSB? 

E-mail preferred, to keep traffic on the reflector to a minimum.

73, See ya this weekend as W9SZ.


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>From Larry Schimelpfenig <lschim at mailstorm.dot.gov>  Thu Mar  2 16:55:45 1995
From: Larry Schimelpfenig <lschim at mailstorm.dot.gov> (Larry Schimelpfenig)
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 1995 11:55:45 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Contest and DX music, addendum (fwd) -Reply
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On Thu, 2 Mar 1995, Derrick Belbas wrote:

> Hi.  For your further radio-music enjoyment, seek out an album called
> "Seattle Syndrome", a compilation by some PNW pre-grunge garage
> bands, including some artist calling themselves "K7SS", who provides a
> track called "21.252".
> Some guy whose name rhymes with Danny Eskenazi apparently had a lot
> to do with this project.  And if memory serves right, he's credited with
> playing TS-180 and some sort of sax.  It was well worth the four bucks.
> 73..  Derrick  VE4VV
Derrick, there's more to the story. If memory serves, the musicians
promoted their own music on a local (low power AM?) broadcast radio station.
Perhaps this is where Danny's one time penchant for QRP began. Seems
that it was a show about amateur radio. As I recall another player went by
the name Homer Heterodyne (the late K7RA). Wonder if they taped any of the
radio show!

73 de Larry K7SV

>From Lau, Zack,  KH6CP" <zlau at arrl.org  Thu Mar  2 17:22:00 1995
From: Lau, Zack,  KH6CP" <zlau at arrl.org (Lau, Zack,  KH6CP)
Date: Thu, 02 Mar 95 12:22:00 EST
Subject: What Shannon really proved
Message-ID: <2F55FF9A at arrl.org>

>Ward N0AX wrote:
>"...embedding the information in a thoroughly known matrix..." is exactly
>the technique used to cram 14.4kbps and up through a 2.4kHz bandwidth
>phone line.  Only by a "pre-arranged" coding setup (the known matrix) plus
>knowledge of the past code sequence can the Shannon limit of
>2-times-channel bandwidth be exceeded.  So it DOES work...all we have to

You have his theorem wrong.  His theorem derives a minimum signal to
noise ratio necessary for stuffing the bits through a band limited channel.

You could use his theorem to predict that those high speed modems were
actually possible.  You could also use it to predict that they probably
wouldn't work on your typical 20M SSB voice channel using 100 watt
radios and dipoles across the country.

Since radio channels tend  to be noise limited, as opposed to bandwidth
limited, radio modem designers look at the situation differently than phone
modem designers.

Zack Lau KH6CP/1

Who  studied  additive white Gaussian noise and communications
theory in grad school.

>From n2ic at drmail.dr.att.com (LondonSM)  Thu Mar  2 16:48:52 1995
From: n2ic at drmail.dr.att.com (LondonSM) (LondonSM)
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 1995 09:48:52 -0700
References: <8A4B3B0.0001015C79.uuout at galactica.it>
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On Mar 2,  3:44pm, FABIO SCHETTINO wrote:
>                                 ARRL SSB 1995
> Hello Guys,
> I will be active in the incoming ARRL SSB, with the IR4T callsign, in a M/S
> effort. Please give us a call.  We will  be on 10m, from 14.30 to 15.30 GMT
> 28.480, and 160m, just around 04.00-05.00 GMT, 1.841 both days.
> Thank' and see you in the Contest ... 73 de Fabio
> Fabio / I4UFH
> e-mail  fabio.schettino at galactica.it
>-- End of excerpt from FABIO SCHETTINO

EU big guns -  Please check 10 meters up until your sunset !  Give the
well-equipped stations in western USA a chance to work you on scatter beaming
to South America around 1600Z-1630Z.  1530Z is too early.

Steve, N2IC/0
n2ic at dr.att.com

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