ts-870 cw comments

AA5BANANA at aol.com AA5BANANA at aol.com
Thu Nov 9 08:37:50 EST 1995

Dave/KY1H says:
The first time we really got on the band with lots of loud signals 
I thought something was wrong.. there was chopped up CW and odd stuff 
all over the place, turns out it was massive mixing products. 


Is this a consequence of saving most of the filtering (DSP) for 
the last IF, at about 10 kHz?  If so, would we expect the IC775
and FT1000MP to be better (I think they have crystal/ceramic
CW filters in the earlier IFs in addition to the nearly-AF DSP)?
Maybe some of the RF gurus on the reflector will be able to educate us.  
Could be a very important consideration for *CONTEST* radios.

     -Bruce  AA5B

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