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Thu Nov 9 08:37:57 EST 1995

Final: 1580 x 77, about 243k

Main station: FT1000, DTR2000 
              KT34XA @ 60 ft, C3 @ 50 ft, CC 40 @ 70 ft

 2nd station: TS850, L4, multi-band dipole @ 35 ft

Don't have the breakdowns here, but there was only 1 
10-mtr Q in the log, darn few on 15 (never ran there,
just s&p on second radio), and fewer than 50 on 80 m.

ICE filters on the second radio made a huge difference.

Last mult: VE4! And it was pretty late on Sunday. Was in
the middle of a QSO with 'GV or 'VV early on Saturday,
but it got blown away in the QRM.

On Sunday, it was pretty obvious that something had let
loose in the FT1000 -- the bands were full of intermods.
Had to run all day in "IPO" mode *PLUS* 6 or 12 dB of front-end
attenuation.  Even then, the phantom signals were annoying.

Great contest, as always.

     -Bruce AA5B  (+ Scott, K5TA   and  Ray, K9RS)

>From Cain, Jim,  K1TN" <jcain at arrl.org  Thu Nov  9 14:05:00 1995
From: Cain, Jim,  K1TN" <jcain at arrl.org (Cain, Jim,  K1TN)
Date: Thu, 09 Nov 95 09:05:00 EST
Subject: Boring CW SS
Message-ID: <30A20B33 at arrl.org>

>>How about letting everyone work everyone on every band too ???
>>I know a lot of people who will not operate SS because they think
>> it is a BORING contest......

We used to do that, four times a year.
It was called the CD Party.

73, K1TN (whom I believe to have made
100K points in more CW CD Parties
than anyone else. Anybody care to check?)

(100K took about 320 Qs in 60 sections and
the fun was to do it ala W4KFC; choose your
operating times and do it in as little time as
possible. It could be done in just over 3 hours
out of a total contest time of 32 hours, of
which you were allowed a max of 20.

PS Do not confuse these with the later "Open CD
Parties," held in July, which transmogrified
into the IARU HF Championship)

>From Tom Morrison <t.morrison at liant.com>  Thu Nov  9 08:42:00 1995
From: Tom Morrison <t.morrison at liant.com> (Tom Morrison)
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 1995 8:42:00
Subject: Off times (was K1TO - SS CW 1995 sum/brk/text)
Message-ID: <9511091448.AA27300 at rmc.liant.com>

LondonSM was provoked to write:
>>Let's get rid of the off time in SS.  As a compromise to keep the
current records meaningful<<

Oops.  My internal contradiction detector went off.

Steve, you and others suggesting such changes (work on all
bands, etc) certainly realize that these suggestions ALWAYS
occur, every year, immediately after SS.  Those with some
time spent on CAC can confirm my claim.

SS is a unique contest.  It has off time requirements, which add
to the strategy of  the hard core and to the enjoyment of the casual
operator.  SS has a solid history, which adds a sense of continuity
to the contesting facet of amateur radio.

My vote (now as in days gone by): don't screw with SS!

73, K5TM

Tom Morrison, T.Morrison at liant.com
Relativity (div. Liant Software)
512-719-7019  FAX:512-719-7070  WWW: http://www.liant.com/

>From joe.ham at ctobbs.com (Joe Ham)  Wed Nov  8 13:57:11 1995
From: joe.ham at ctobbs.com (Joe Ham) (Joe Ham)
Date: Wed,  8 Nov 1995 13:57:11 GMT
Subject: WB5CSO SK
Message-ID: <9511090623183366 at ctobbs.com>

Same Mike Russell (tall blond guy) that used to work for Motorola???
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