Hy-Tower Upgrade

Jastaples at aol.com Jastaples at aol.com
Thu Nov 9 09:55:58 EST 1995

I have a venerable old Hy-Gain Model 18-HT Hy-Tower that once served as an
all band general purpose vertical, i.e. "equally poorly in all directions",
antenna. With the advent of shiny new monoband yagis on the property, it now
stands off to one side, neglected and unused except for occasional efforts on
80 M . I've tried to get it to play on 160 M using a loading coil, so far
with no success. (I didn't try very hard...)

Is there anyone with experience and/or thoughts as to how to turn this old
relic into a useful vertical transmitting antenna for 80/160. Is it possible
to "adjust" the resonance on 80 M to bring the SWR down to an acceptable
level on CW...(75 M phone is NOT where I'm at!) What is the effect of
removing the various stubs? Anyone have any success with either the loading
coil or "trap & wire assembly" for 160 M operation?

I guess I could always run up a flag and call it quits, but I'm hoping some
one out there has a clever way of putting this dude back into useful service.


Joe, W5ASP

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