Thu Nov 9 19:00:27 EST 1995

Work and family are keeping me busy. This will be the first time in 17 years
that I don't operate at least one mode of CQWW. Had my sights set on both
modes SS High Power from WM5G, but family and work pressures quickly put an
end to that! Priorities, priorities, priorities....

So I decided to try something different this year:
* FIRST time operating a major contest from home QTH.
* FIRST time to enter a major contest low power.
* FIRST time to use N6TR logging program.

My station, on a 100'x150' Dallas City lot:
FT1000 and TS930S
KT34A 4el tri-bander at 60'
CC 402CD 2el 40
80M half sloper
Butternut HF6V 

I can use any antenna on either radio. I put the HF6V up a week before the
contest with the intent on using it for the second radio.

80 - 192
40 - 724
20 - 328
15 - 113
10 -     1
    1358 x 77

TR Log says I made 403 band changes and 207 2nd radio QSO's. I called every
one of them. I don't see the value in alternating CQ's on two bands. 72
multipliers called me; I had to find KH6, KL7, KP4, KP2 and VY1. 

Over the last year I've seen a few comments on the reflector about how us
hired guns hide behind big stations, and that it would be nice to see what we
can do from a "normal home station". Next question ? :)

Congrats to N6TR for his first win, K1ZX for a big score, AG9A for making the
top ten again (AND beating WX3N @ K4VX) and K2ZJ for a mind boggling QRP
score and margin of victory.

Jeff  KR0Y

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