Contest "Junkies" (was: Big Problem...CQ WW log stuffing)

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Thu Nov 9 18:21:09 EST 1995

There was thread on that subject last year on packet..Was posted as ARRL was
demanding urine and fecal samples for just this reason.
Rumor has it they were dumping last years samples in the 160 meter bulletin
transmitter. Honest!
                                               :)          de Doug//N3ADL

P.S. This years samples are being collected by that KA1 that can't find it
with both hands:)

>From aa4lr at (Bill Coleman AA4LR)  Thu Nov  9 22:45:23 1995
From: aa4lr at (Bill Coleman AA4LR) (Bill Coleman AA4LR)
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 1995 18:45:23 -0400
Subject: Tree, WMU and Apologies
Message-ID: <v01520d0eacc833cec90f@[]>

Tree has advised me by private E-mail that he has already contacted ARRL
and they have informed him that the "extra" hour Qs will count for 0 QSO

I wish to apologize for any accusations, expressed or implied from my
previous message. He is doing the exact correct thing in his log
submissions. I was wrong to imply differently. Mea culpa.

See you all in SSB SS from KM9P. (So when you say "hi, Bill" you'll know
which one you are talking to <grin>)

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