FT1000 IM (was AA5B CW SS '95)

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Thu Nov 9 20:40:14 EST 1995

I have been using a second hand FT1000 for about 2 
years now. On day to day operation it is fine. But in
a [CW] contest with many strong signals I notice the
same thing you did; have to run in IPO or 6dB mode.

You said something "let go" on Sunday. I'll be interested
to see if you find something is actually wrong ? Anyone 
else with a FT1000 notice the same ? I assume changing
diodes in the front end from stock to PIN will help this.

Anyone know which diodes to replace, and what M/A-COM
part to replace them with ? I have a source for them .......
Jeff  KR0Y

>From Jeff Singer <k0od at MO.NET>  Fri Nov 10 01:53:47 1995
From: Jeff Singer <k0od at MO.NET> (Jeff Singer)
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 1995 19:53:47 -0600
Subject: Radiosporting in Sports Illustrated
Message-ID: <199511100153.TAA04984 at Walden.MO.NET>

   Quite a few fellows wanted to know more about that old Sports 
Illustrated magazine article on DX contesting. Only one or two had 
actually seen it.
   I tried to track it down at a large nearby library, but they had SI 
only back to 1980. The main downtown branch of the library, 15 miles 
away, has a complete set going back to 1954. However, the Reader's Guide 
to Periodical Literature did not cover SI in the '50s.

   It seems the only way to find the article is to skim through a ton of 
SI's (sans swimsuit editions back then!). The article appeared sometime 
in the mid or late 1950s. One of these days I'll make a trip downtown and 
run off some copies of it.   
       Jeff K0OD  St. Louis, MO  USA
            e-mail:   k0od at mo.net

>From Doug Grant <0006008716 at mcimail.com>  Fri Nov 10 01:59:00 1995
From: Doug Grant <0006008716 at mcimail.com> (Doug Grant)
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 95 20:59 EST
Subject: Phone SS Rate Records
Message-ID: <55951110015955/0006008716NA3EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

Since K7SS asked...

189   N8RR/5  1994 first hour, 15M

and although nobody asked yet...

CQWW CW Highest Rate

249   W2GD at P40W   1993   20M First hour

THese are from the 1996 Edition of the CQ Amateur Radio Almanac, which is at
the printer now.

Tell someone who's trying to figure out what to get you for Christmas to buy
you one. ANd you'll know all the top rates (and a whole lot more...).


"Disclaimer" - I *am* the editor of the book. I *do* make money when you buy
one (but not enough to justify being so crass as to promote it here). I'm
just posting this because guys are asking "Where can I find...", and I happen
to know the answer!

I hope that's enough to deflect the serious flamers...


Also - everyone get a copy of AB6WM's QRATE utility, and send me your highest
rates for all this season's contests. ANy CW SS hours over 100, Phone SS over
150, WW SSB - 325 DX, 125 U.S., WW CW - 200 DX, 100 CW. Include call, operator,
rate (either best **00 thru **59 or best 60 minutes; your choice), band, contest
and mode, day, and hour.


Doug  K1DG
editor - CQ Amateur Radio Almanac
k1dg at mcimail.com

>From Norton, Richard" <nortonr at MRD.SRL.dsto.gov.au  Fri Nov 10 18:37:00 1995
From: Norton, Richard" <nortonr at MRD.SRL.dsto.gov.au (Norton, Richard)
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 95 12:37:00 CST
Subject: QSLs Deter Contest Operation
Message-ID: <30A3C663 at msmail.dsto.gov.au>

The recent posts on SS QSLing bring to mind several thoughts.

I admit myself, to not operating before or after a contest in the past, 
because I want to minimize the number of QSL cards I have to deal with. 
Thanks to iron-man QSL manager, K6VNX, this is not usually a problem any 

In my travels around the world, I've met a number of hams in somewhat rare 
countries that have curtailed their operation because of QSL cards. The 
number of cards received simply overwhelms people.

Here's a specific recent example:

The W6 group that operated as JT1Z, (N6AA, K6MC, W6MKB, N6TW, W6XD, and 
N6ZZ) stopped in Beijing on the way home and met with BA1HAM, the mainstay 
of BY1PK. BY1PK is the Chinese Radio Sports Association  headquarters 
station, essentially the W1AW of BY.

I mentioned to BA1HAM that JT1Z didn't work BY1PK or BY1QH, and didn't 
notice any sizable operations from China this year. In fact, we missed 
China, the adjacent country to us, on 160, 80, and 10.

He told us that he was discouraging the BY club stations from operating in 
the contest because of QSL problems, rather than encouraging them like he 
had done in years past. I don't know exactly what "discouraging" meant, but 
it seemed to have been pretty effective.

Seems the guys with interest in operating in contests don't have equal 
enthusiasm for answering QSLs afterward. People complain about not getting 
cards to him. His solution is that it is better to not have contest contacts 
than to have unanswered QSLs. I doubt if volunteering to be a QSL manager 
for all China will solve the problem, unless someone wants to move to 
Beijing to minimize the interface problems.


Dick N6AA       /VK5 for 1 more week    NortonR at MRD.SRL.DSTO.GOV.AU

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